Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Miracle on Broad and Pattison

My home town is/ was Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The City of Brotherly Love (a majority of the time), the craddle of American Independence, residence of Benjamin Franklin (top ten Americans of all time), and home to the only sports team I follow- the Philadelphia Eagles.

Growing up I was a sports nut. Now sports consume very few cycles as I have more important things to do with my time.

Last week I made a quick trip home to Philly to see my family and to meet Chris Conway, President, Healthy Humans, an exciting integrative medicine website that I will discuss in a future blog as well as my brother-in-law, John Marshall who runs a recruiting firm in King of Prussia, Pa and genrously offered his seats to the Philadelphia Eagles versus Dallas Cowboys football game.

The Eagles miraculously won themselves a playoff birth on Sunday, proving once again that anything is possible.

The Eagles were essentially eliminated from the playoffs , save unlikely losses by both the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Chicago Bears and a win by them over the Dallas Cowboys.

How likely was this outcome? Three (3) separate things had to fall in line for them to succeed.

All three contingencies fell into place!

This was the best Football game in my life! Go EAGLES!

This proves once again that miracles do happen everyday.......

Happy New Year!




PS- Let's order up some miracles in 2009 that really matter like: an end to all wars, an end to poverty/ homelessness, and a global economic recovery.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Cool Austin Christmas "Tree-dition"

Merry Christmas!

As you drive around Austin, Texas during the Christmas holiday season you will come randomly across evergreen trees on the side of the road that are ornately decorated. They show up in clusters or as single, stand-alone trees of all shapes and sizes, usually in the middle of nowhere. You'll be driving along and "pop", there's a Christmas tree.

It is a wonderful tradition. I have no clue who does the decorating or when they do it, except that it's done at night when no one is around.

This tree decorating remains a mystery. Kind of like Santa Claus. Another reason why I love Austin.

AHO- Ho Ho Ho



Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Maca- Andean Super Food

Maca has been used in indigenous Andean societies for thousands of years as a nutrient and healing agent.

I found Maca powder for sale in the "super foods" section of my local food coop Wheatsville Grocers here in Austin. Always the adventurous sort, I bought a bag of Maca powder. Maca is a root vegetable similar to a turnip in appearance and taste.

It is called an adaptogen (new one for me.) An adaptogen is a substance which raises the non-specific resistance in an organism. It works to strengthen the endocrine (horimonal system) in the body.

This endocrine healing is really important as you will learn in my next book "Rich Remedies, Volume 2". Many of our common toxins that we consume in our water and in our food attack our endocrine system. After many years of consuming toxins such as dioxin, BPA (from plastic containers), and chlorine, we risk suffering from a whole host of auto-immune disorders and reproductive problems from these poisons.

This ancient Andean vegetable powder may be a useful supplement to counter act the toxins in our modern industrial society.

Here are a few of the claims for this powdered root:

• Increases energy and endurance
• Increases stamina
• Alleviates chronic exhaustion (fatigue) syndrome
• Improves sexual function in men and women
• Enhances fertility in people and animals
• Reduces hormonal dysfunction during menopause & andropause
• Can regulate hormonal irregularities
• Aids in alleviating depression, gives a sense of well being, reduces anxiety

Maca has calcium, phosphorus, vitamins B1 and B12 , and fatty acids that which work beneficially on the nervous system.

This is a new one for me. I am using it in my biweekly smoothies that contain rice milk, diamatacious earth, green magma, flax seed, and whatever fruit is handy in my home at the time. The Maca powder tastes like mild turnip, pretty neutral.

It sounds like a winner. Do your own research and see if it works for you.



PS- As always, consult your healing coach before taking anything new. Vegetables can be dangerous :-) :-) :-)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Green Corn Project- Organic Food for the Poor

The holiday season is a great time of year to donate money to worthy causes. I just dropped a few sheckles into the scare crow's hat for the Green Corn Project: http://www.greencornproject.org/gc/donate

"The Green Corn Project (GCP) is a 501(c) (3) organization that educates and assists Central Texans in growing organic food gardens. Since our founding in 1998, GCP has built over 130 organic food gardens at homes, schools, and community centers in Central Texas. Our programs help folks with limited access to healthy food, grow their own vegetables in ways that are affordable, promote self-reliance, strengthen communities, and protect natural resources."

What's not to like about this?

I'm going to figure out how to volunteer some hours this Spring during planting season.

Find a worthy cause and donate some time and money......you'll get more than you put in....I promise. The Holiday Season is the perfect time to do it.



PS- A way to make your food more healthful on a tight budget is found on page 141 of my book Rich Remedies, Volume 1. The Hazel Parcells soak is discussed for cleansing food and re energizing it. This method is used by United Nations releif workers accross the globe to clean food.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Rich Remedies, Volume 1 Operator's Manual

At the book signing yesterday in Austin I told people that my book Rich Remedies, Volume 1 is 20 years of healing experience baked into a couple of hours of reading. And it's true. It's a real time saver and money saver if you're serious about your health and want to benefit from the experience of others (me).

Here's how I tell people to use the book:

1.Read the book.

2.If you don't like to read, skim though the book and just read passages that catch your eye.

3.If something looks interesting, consult a healing coach and ask their advice:

I have worked with a number of great allopathic and naturopathic healers. Before you do anything to treat a disease or illness, find a physician or healer who embraces all modalities of healing. This can be an enlightened MD, a holistic doctor, or naturopathic physician. When you find a good physician, be a co-pilot in your diagnosis and treatment. They are only your coach. You are responsible for the cure.

For a directory of physicians in your area contact the American Holistic Medical Association (PO Box 2016, Edmonds, WA 98020; Phone: 425-967-0737; Fax: 425-771-9588; e-mail: INFO@holisticmedicine.org).


Find a clinically trained, degreed nutritionist to aid you in your health plan. This is tricky because there are a lot of people who have a nutritionist degree, but don’t really know what they are talking about. You can get a correspondence course degree off of the back of a bubble gum wrapper and claim to be a nutritionist. A starting place for names is your local health food store or contact the

American Dietetic Association (120 S. Riverside Plaza, Suite 2000, Chicago, Ill. 60606; Member Services Phone: (312)-877-1600 ext4864; website: www.eatright.org). I tried to do all of this healing stuff on my own, and have confirmed that the least successful patient acts as his own doctor. Get a trained, qualified healing coach.

Your cure: Nothing works the same way for everyone. Every body, mind, and soul has a unique blueprint that has to be matched with the correct cure. We have different genes, ancestors, tribal beliefs, environments, climates, magnetic earth fields, life experiences, blood types, and other unique characteristics that make global recommendations for cures impossible. There are general rules of thumb that can be applied to everyone. Find the ones that work (resonate) for you. I have found a few that are worth your consideration.

4.Clean your drinking water. Your body is 75% water. This alone will deliver incredible benefits. Buy a water ionizer or a simple sink top filtration system. I have them for sale on my website: www.richremedies.com

5.Get Alkaline. Eat Fresh, organic vegetables and drink your clean water.

6.Give- Find one (1) local community service agency that resonates with you and volunteer your time. Helping others helps yourself.

These are the simplest things to get started today. KEEP IT SIMPLE, MAKE IT EASY to START.......

More later.....



Friday, December 19, 2008

Keep Austin Bizarre- Book signing- Rich Remedies, Volume 1

Hey Campers,

This Scribe will be signing copies of my book "Rich Remedies, Volume 1: My Amazing Natural Self Healing Discoveries" on Saturday December 20th and Sunday December 21st between 11:00AM- 6:00PM or until my hand gets sore or I run out of books at:

Keep Austin Bizarre- Holiday Festival
Palmer Events Center
900 Barton Springs Road
Austin, Texas 78704
BOOTH # 80
Javelina Books

Be there or be square.

These books make great stocking stuffers and if the recipients actually read sections of my book, it could change their lives.

Thank you for your support!

Happy Hannukkah!

Merry Christmas!

Happy New Year!



PS- A FREE organic bamboo "Ki Shirt" (MSRP $50.00)will be presented to the lucky person who purchases the 11th book.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Old Salts

Old Salts

I was thumbing through one of my old journals last night looking for references for my second book "Rich Remedies, Volume 2" and found this obscure note-

Dr. Wilhelm Heinrich Schuessler, M.D.(1821 - 1898), a Germany homoeopathic practitioner- developed a system of treatment called Biochemic Therapy. It is an offshoot of homoeopathy. Twelve (12) mineral salts are used in homoeopathic medicines to cure a wide range of illnesses.

"Biochemic salts are used in potentised form as homoeopathic drugs. While the biochemic salts supply the deficiency in the tissues and cells of the body to restore their vitality"

"Mineral Salts" or "Cell Salts" or "Tissue Salts" correct deficienciencies in the body that lead to disease.

The 12 salts are:

Calcium Fluoride, Calcium Phosphate, Calcium Sulpher, Phosphate of iron, Potassium chloride, Potassium phosphate, Sodium chloride, Sodium phosphate, Sodium sulphate, Silica oxide- the Biochemical.

The concept is that when cells or tissues are energetically out of balance they are diseased. Restoring balance (homeostasis)returns health using a combination of these "salts". It was said that Dr.Schuessler could cure just about anything, including cancer with his Biochemic Therapy.

There are books available on the Internet that go into painful detail as to how this works. This fascinates and bores me at the same time. I was never much of a chemistry student.

Something about this made me write it down.....this is probably the last time.



Essiac- Ojibway Native American Wonder

In my previous blog on Oleander Soup, I made a reference to my use of Essiac as if everyone knows what it is.....my apologies to 99.9% of the world that has never heard of Essiac, an herbal remedy that allegedly cures cancer. I say allegedly because I do not personally know anyone who has been cured, but I have read 20+ testimonials (out of thousands available) that suggest that it contributes to the cure of certain cancers. Do a websesarch for more information.

I have taken Essiac and I will tell you that after you get past the "dreadful" taste, it does make you feel good. It has many antimicrobial properties that help the body fight a long list of nasty pathogens. There is a definite link between cancer and microbial infestation in the body.

During part of my Essiac "test" I was in the Bahamas staying at a relatives house that was using rain water from a ketchman underground cement water tank.

The water drawn from the ketchman tasted fine, but I know from my travel experiences and research that water likes movement. Water standing still,in a motionless state is a recipe for some level of stagnation and contamination. I wasn't going to risk ruining my Bahama holiday with a case of the "Jimmy Buffet Parrothead Two- Step". (This refers to "the runs" or diarrhea for those of you who don't enjoy hyperbole)

Drinking the Essiac tea on a daily basis gave me a layer of protection against any pathogens that may have taken up residence in the kethman. No one got sick while we were on vacation so there may have been nothing wrong with the water. But after many experiences with "off water" in the past few years, I take no chances.

Here's the short story on Essiac from my book "Rich Remedies, Volume 1". It is amazing stuff.


Miraculous herb formula!

Ojibway Native American Remedy-Essiac

Rene Caisse, sometimes referred to as “Canada’s Cancer Nurse,” discovered a Native American remedy in 1922 that showed promise as a cure for cancer. The remedy is called Essiac (her last name spelled backwards), has been successfully used to treat hundreds of patients. This Ojibway Native American tribal concoction consists of burdock root, turkey rhubarb, sheep sorrel, and slippery elm. Caisse’s clinic in Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada, was repeatedly attacked by the medical establishment and governmental bureaucrats. In spite of the pressure, she prevailed, saving many lives and improving the quality of life for cancer sufferers.

The story of her Essiac discovery goes something like this:

Caisse was nursing a woman in her 80s who had been admitted to a hospital in Ontario, Canada. She examined the woman and noticed that one of her breasts was deeply scarred and disfigured. Caisse asked the woman about her damaged breast. The woman told her that 20 plus years ago she had had breast cancer. She had gone to several doctors who had removed tumors from her breast, but they kept reappearing, ultimately being written off for dead by her physician.
She and her husband ran into a Native American Medicine Man who told them that he had an herbal tonic that would shrink and dissolve the tumors.
After having attempted to eliminate the breast tumors with conventional medicine, they reconnected with the Medicine Man in a last ditch, desperate attempt to heal her cancerous breast. She and her husband collected the prescribed herbs and mixed them in the recommended quantities. After taking the “medicine” for several months, the tumors in her breast shrank and disappeared.

Caisse used this remedy on many of the people that she encountered with cancer with miraculous results.

The herbs in the remedy exhibit healing qualities on their own, but it is thought that there is a synergistic effect when they are combined in the recommended quantities that create a total healing effect. Energetic Resonance.

Burdock root (Arctium lappa): Stimulates production of bile, helps liver function, acts as a blood purifier, has a reputation for tumor regression.

Turkey rhubarb (Rheum pamatun): Laxative, astringent, cleanses bowels, helps with liver toxicity.

Sheep sorrel (Rumex acetosella): High in vitamin C, diuretic helps in breaking down tumors.

Slippery elm (Ulmus fulva): Used to heal sore throats and wounds, and coat stomach and intestinal tract.

The Essiac Formula consists of 61/2 cups burdock root, 16 oz of powdered sheep sorrel, 1 oz. of Turkish rhubarb root powdered and 4 oz of slippery elm bark. These ingredients are mixed together and boiled in spring water to make a tea that is taken on an empty stomach each night before retiring. 3

I have taken Essiac tea as a healing tonic several times just to try it out. (It tastes like dirt. Some may argue that dirt tastes better. They’re pretty close in flavor so it’s a hard call.) I felt fine, after I got past the taste, and it did make my digestive tract feel really good. This is something I intend to keep in my disease fighting arsenal. You can buy a six month supply that comes pre-made in plastic pouches for around $100.00. It keeps pretty well so I have it around for when I have the urge to take some, which isn’t often. If I get the “BIG C”, this may be boiling on my stove every week! No guarantees, just an idea. Please consult your doctor for a full prescription.

Note: This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to be used to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

"The Second Gift from Silkworms"- Serrapeptase

Serrapeptase is an enzyme originally discovered and extracted from the stomach of silk worms. Yes, the same worms that dine on mulberry leaves and spin webs of silk that we make threads for fine clothing and sheets.

Well it turns out that this stomach enzyme, serrapeptase has some miraculous anti inflammatory properties for applications in cholesterol lowering, arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome, joint pain, lung congestion, and a whole slew of other inflammatory ailments according to many nutritional authorities. See this link:


Allot is being written today about inflammation and it's direct link to all manner of illness. Where you find inflammation, you find disease. This may be the natural alternative to chemical-based anti inflamatories? The clinical research available on the Internet suggests it might be......



Note: This is provided for information puposes only. I do not recommend or endorse the use of any nutritional supplements. Always check first with your doctor or healing coach.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Oleander Bush- Backyard Miracle Cure?

Photo of Oleander Bush and Oleander dog.

Here we go again!

Another "miracle cure". In your backyard no less!

If I did not believe in nature's ability to mend and heal itself I wouldn't waste my time bringing this stuff to any one's attention.

Check out: www.CancerTutor.com

One entry that got my attention was on "Oleander soup".

I have Oleander bushes growing in my backyard in Austin, Texas so this stuff is literally free to me or anyone who can hop my fence and isn't afraid of my 100+ pound male Rhodesian Ridgeback, Petey (pictured above) They say on this website that this is a cure for cancer. I make no such representations. This is provided for informational purposes only.

Here's the recipe:

If it tastes anything like Essiac Tea, you'll gag swallowing it. I've found a pattern with most anti parasitic/ antimicrobial tonics. They taste awful. If you hate the taste, chances are the bugs that are living off your flesh will hate it as well.

In my next book,"Rich Remedies, Volume 2" I have a chapter dedicated to parasites. Can't wait to read it, can you? If you're travelling to Mexico or anywhere they have "cootie's" in the water supply, it's required reading unless you want to spend your trip on the thrown (el bano).


PS- "Signing Rich Remedies, Volume 1" this weekend at the Keep Austin Bizarre Xmas Bizarre at the Palmer Events center on Barton Spring Road next to the Long Center. Be there or be square.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

International AIDS Day- Where's the cure?

Monday, December 1 was International AIDS Day and all the celebrities and politicians honked about how important it is for the world to find a cure for AIDS.

I couldn't agree more. AIDS is no longer a disease of promiscuous adults. AIDS infects innocent babies, blood transfusion patients, and unsuspecting partners of AIDS carriers. Only morons are saying that AIDS is God's punishment for homosexuals. It is a disease that has no boundaries and takes no prisoners. We need a cure, now.

I suspect that like cancer, a natural cure is probably right under our noses and we don't even realize it. Here's one possibility that's worthy of consideration.

In September I was in Sedona, Arizona at the Raw Spirit Festival to sell my book "Rich Remedies Volume 1, My Amazing Natural Self Healing Discoveries". As luck would have it (or fate), my book shipment never arrived so I had plenty of free time to wonder around the conference and check out interesting natural healing remedies and vendors. See my previous blog on Raw Spirit Festival.

An Amazing remedy that I stumbled upon at the festival that could have a huge impact on the treatment of HIV AIDS, Hepititis C, Malaria, and many other pathogenic- based disorders is MMS discovered by Jim Humble in the misquito infested jungles of Guyana on a gold mining expedition. Jim contracted malaria in the jungle and quite accidentally cured himself of the dreaded disease using a common disinfectant Chlorine Dioxide.

My "discovery" was a random visit to an exhibit selling a liquid called "MMS" which stands for Miracle Mineral Solution which is simply Chlorine Dioxide, a well-known sterilization solution that has been in use for years cleaning hospitials and was used to decontaminate buildings that were exposed to the anthrax biological warfare agent by terrorists after the 9/11 attacks in 2001. So this is a proven sterilization compund for external applications.

Recently (during the past 3 years), Jim Humble has tried it on Malaria patients and HIV/ AIDS patients in East Africa with good results. It has even been used on Cancer patients in Sonora, Mexico (see link below). It seems to work. It kills pathogens and cleanses mico toxins from the bloodstream while leaving healthy healthy cells alone.

Read the whole MMS story here:

Read MMS client stories and testamonials:

Is this a "cure" for HIV / AIDS?

I don't know. Does anyone else have any better ideas? Let's find out.
Read Jim Humble's books and decide for yourself.



PS- Jim Humble is living in Mexico due to concerns that US Authorities will arrest him for his pioneering work with MMS. There is allot of money at stake here.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Alternative Cancer Therapies Website

Here is a website that has some very interesting information on alternative cancer therapies that I think everyone should take a look at for educational purposes if for no other reason. Check this out:


The whole AlternativeCancerCare.Com website is chocked full of really eye opening information.



PS- I do not give medical advice to anyone, especially those with a chronic illness. What I will do is refer them to professionals who have the training, certifications, and clinical experience to make informed medical recommendations or informed sources such as reputable websites.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Two Hour Workout in Just 45 Minutes!

I had never heard the term until last week when I visited the 5Focus fitness studio on my trip to Seattle.

Kinesis is a circuit training methodology using exercise equipment that was originally designed in Italy that arrived in the US in the past 2 years. I liken it to a combination Bow flex, Nautilus, and Pilates all wrapped into one. There are also floor exercises and stretching routines that are done as part of the Kinisis 45 minute work out.

In the Kinesis class that I participated in, there were five(5) Kinesis wall-mounted stations consisting of cables connected to weights. Each station focuses on a different muscle group with a full range of motion exercise. It kind of reminded me of Bow flex with the simultaneous combination of resistance and stretching movements.

The floor exercises included lunges, squats, bends, leg exercises,and stair stepping movements that in combination had my thighs and glutes burning.

A personal trainer choreographs the entire session barking orders and keeping time. In our case "Coach Kitty" cracked the whip to insure that no one slacks off and the full circuit of exercises is completed in the allotted 45 minutes.

The Kinesis routines emphasize flexibility, balance, strength, and cardiovascular fitness.

You might think that doing 2 hours of exercise in 45 minutes is the lazy person's route to fitness. You would be mistaken. If you do the exercises faithfully, you are physically spent after 45 minutes.

I highly recommend trying this fitness solution as an alternative to the standard gym workout experience.`



Friday, November 14, 2008

An Amazing Healing Metal

Silver, it's just not for jewelry, fancy tea sets, and tableware.
Did you know that silver heals?

As a part of my on-going exploration I am continuing to play with natural compounds that I think will beneficial to my self and extended family.

Colloidal Silver is one that I came across years ago that I heard had great promise but I never obtained enough detailed information to compel me to study it and try it out on myself until now.

Colloidal Silver is the next "miracle solution" I am working with in my backyard laboratory on Cuernavaca Drive :-)

Silver has been known for centuries as an antimicrobial agent. In the olden days they would place silver in jugs of water to prevent it from spoiling on long treks.

Pioneers on wagon trains were said to suspend silver tableware from strings in their water barrels to keep their water clean and potable.

Silver has been used for years in water filtration systems to kill bacteria, molds and viruses. So using silver for healing applications (like allot of this holistic healing is not new). People are just rediscovering it and technology is improving the delivery of it.

The technology for delivery of silver has come in the form of advanced colloidal silver generators which amounts to placing silver electrodes connected to an electric power source into distilled water. When the elecricity is turned on, the silver atoms give up an electron and dissolve into the water as positive ions. This is colloidal silver. It is minute particles of silver suspended in water. The quantity of silver in the solution is minute.

Through special laboratory processes, the silver is produced in the form of tiny nano-sized particles of elemental silver that can be easily absorbed and carry an electrical charge that zaps bacteria, molds, viruses, fungi, and other pathogens.

It is taken sublingually (under the tongue) for best absobtion or can be swallowed as well, but is subject to dillution from digestive processes in the gastrointestinal tract. It can also be taken transdermally (applied to the skin).

It has been used for burns, antimicrobial treatment, and other immune-system boosting applications.

There are said to be no counterindications and it works synergistically with antibiotics.

Check this out with the guidence of your healing coach. It has great healing potential, especially in these days of antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria.



Note: This information is not intended to be taken as medical advice. No therapeutic or medical claims are either implied or made. Consult with your physician before taking any medications.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama, President Elect- Breaks Racial Barrier

Barack Obama is the US President elect. This is an historic moment for all Americans and especially Afro Americans. The racial barrier to the highest office in the land has been broken. This is wonderful! We should all support our new president and wish him well as he has a huge mess to clean up after 8 years of George Bush. The Irag/ Afghan wars, the economic collapse, and the trillions dollars budget deficit.

President elect Obama, Godspeed! You'll need it.

I am hoping that your administration moves to the center and recruits the best bipartisan minds in the country for cabinet positions. I also hope that bi-partisan politics returns to Washington after decades of non productive devisiveness. That's what you have promised, please deliver.

I voted for John Mc Cain. He ran a weak campaign and could not match Obama's charisma and youth. I like John Mc Cain and wish him well.

The Obama election was a referendum against the old guard and the old-tired corrupt ways of politics. Let's hope Obama can rise above the loathesome mistakes of the past. If he doesn't, he will be out of office in 4 years. The American people demonstrated in this election that they are sick and tired of being exploited by the monied interests and the "bought and paid for politicos".

Good luck Barack!



PS- I'll be sending a copy of Rich Remedies, Volume 1 to the White House. It will be waiting there when you arrive on January 20th, 2009. It will be the best piece of mail in the White House mail room.

PS PS- Rich Remedies, Volume 1 is now available at Book People, Austin, Texas.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Phillies World Series and Healing the "Pain Body"

I grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. If you are not from there, you have no idea what the Phillies World Series means to the people of that city and the relief that it gives to the collective "pain body" of the sports fans there.

The "Pain body" is the term Echart Tolle refers to in his best selling book, "A New Earth, Awakening Your Life's Purpose ". It is a condition that Tolle says is cultivated by the egoic self to fulfill perceived need to be right. The Pain body is the part of us the gets offended by the smallest slight, insult, or perceived affront to our dignity. It is the part of us that vigorously defends our "dignity" against a usually imaginary foe in the name of "righteousness". It feeds on itself constantly and is the source of most of the conflicts in the world. The need to be "right" and protect one's dignity.

Many Philly fans have a huge "pain body" (present company excluded). If you don't believe me, wear an opposing teams hat, sweatshirt, or jacket and make eye to eye contact with a Philly fan. If that does not instigate a comment, climb as high in the stadium or arena as you can and chant "Philly sucks....Philly sucks....Philly sucks..."
If this activity does not evoke the collective pain body from the local populous, the building you are in is empty.

I have seen people liteally thrown down a flight of stairs in the stadium for loudly rooting for the opposing team.

Philadelphia is a city that sits midway between the financial and political seats of power in the US- New York City and Washington, DC. You drive through Philly or take the Metroliner to get to the other two places, where the BIG decisions are made. In Philly, we're "tweeners" and sometimes just a little defensive about the importance of our city as compared to the other two. Some folks have a chip on their shoulder.

Philadelphia is a huge sports town. We are the best fans and we are the worst fans.
We have huge "pain bodies". We need a winning sports franchise bad. It's been way too long since we have gotten bombed at a victory parade. The mummers parade is an excuse to get inebriated, but that's diferent. It's not a sporting event.

If you are a professional athlete in Philly and play hard, win, and are accessible, we love you. If you are a slacker, make allot of money, lose games, and are aloof......watch out. You will be run out of Philly on a rail. Many an athlete has had to lick their wounds from being on the receiving end of the boo birds and the sports media who stirs the pot of controversy at an athlete's expense On a slow news day if there is no controversy, the press will create some.

Philadelphia fans have been starved for a championship. The last time the city had a championship was in 1983 when the 76ers won the NBA title. Before that it was 1980 and the Phillies World Series Championship. My favorite team, the Eagles haven't won the Super Bowl since 1960! There wasn't even a Super Bowl back in those days.Quarter century, no winners. You'd feel pain if you were us....

Philadelphia has had to watch New York (Giants/ Yankees) and Washington (Redskins)win several championships during the past 25 years, while getting close ourselves, but never able to close the deal. If you want to stretch further up the railroad tracks to Boston, we've had to watch the Red Sox win 2, the Patriots win 3, and the Celtics win one in basketball during the past 25 years. Why not us? Is the collective refrain. Why can't we bring a championship to the city? Is there a jinx?

Well, finally the Phillies broke the Karmic ice....now we need an Eagles NFL Super Bowl victory to fill us up. Maybe in 2010? The pain body has been thrown a tube of Polish kielbasa to chew on for a couple of months to satiate it. On second thought- make that a Jim's Cheese Steak with extra velveeta, fried onions, sweet peppers, ketchup, salt, and pepper. To go.

We'll see,,,,



PS- What's this have to do with Natural Healing? I guess there is some connection between the "pain body and eating Philly Cheese Steaks?

Monday, October 27, 2008

Manifesting Wealth in Economic Turmoil

The Internet is full of Law of Attraction and manifesting wealth experts/ coaches.

I met THE MAN in this area on Saturday, Joe Vitale, author of "The Attractor Factor" amongst many other titles. Parked in front of the store Rancho de Luxe in Wimberley, Texas that hosted a book signing for Joe was a brand new Rolls Royce luxury sedan that Joe purchased, priced in the range of a cool $400,000 (pictured here). This is "exhibit Z" in a long line of demonstrations that his methodology really works. He even conducted his first "Roll Royce Mastermind" brainstorming session in the car on Friday night while driving it through the Texas Hill Country.

This exotic luxury liner was purchased a few weeks ago when it was clear that the global stock market was in a free-fall, the subprime mortgage securities market had infected every economy around the world, a recession is in full swing, and the worst decline on Wall Street since the crash of 1929 that started the Great Depression was in play.

My point here is not to applaud conspicuous consumption, exotic luxury goods, or any of the baggage that gets attached to being wealthy in the present economy. The point here is that we all have the ability to overcome the economic mass-media mass hysteria by disconnecting from it and choosing prosperity consciousness over scarcity consciousness. Joe's act is symbolic. He's sending the signal to the Universe that he is not going to play the game from a fear consciousness position, but from an abundance/ prosperity consciousness vibe. He is giving FEAR the one finger salute here. So should all of us!

Joe in defiance of this global mass hysteria, went ahead with a huge luxury goods purchase without a second thought. This is because he has incredible confidence in his ability (everyone's) to continuously manifest wealth with deliberate Intent. This goes for health and happiness as well.

Let's face it, it is not all about money. But money is the energy that enables us to be free to do good works and help others in need rather than be preoccupied with paying the rent. It's not about greed, but the ability to be prosperous and generous at the same time.

Joe has written about this ability and demonstrated it in life multiple times and offers template for how he does it in the "Attractor Factor".

I gave Joe a copy of my book "Rich Remedies, Volume 1" for inspiration that I received from two of his other books "Zero Limits" and "Hypnotic Writing" as well as a larger body of work that he has created.

Three (3) signed copies of "Attractor Factor" were purchased for my wife Linda and my children Scott, Emily, and Christian as well as another friend. I highly recommend this book.I am reading the book for the second time. Check it out.



PS- It's not about being rich for money's sake but about having enough to be comfortable and give to others.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Fifty percent (50%) of Doctor's Prescriptions are Placebos!

The National Institutes of Health confirmed today that approximately 50% of the prescriptions given to patients are placebos (fakes) These include:inert ingredients, vitamins, nonsteroidal anti inflamatories, low dose antibiotics, and/ or sedatives.

"You mean to tell me, Doc, I'm getting better, esentially taking nothing?"

To quote myself in "Rich Remedies, Volume 1, My Amazing Natural Self Healing Discoveries"http://www.iuniverse.com/Bookstore/BookDetail.aspx?BookId=SKU-000062621

"All schools of medicine work at some level, including the “placebo effect” where a patient is given a sugar pill, instead of real medicine, then gets better just because she believes she is better, even though the pill she is taking is a blank. This is the power of “Intention” which is: If you believe in the cure, you increase your chances of getting better tenfold. The placebo effect, although scorned by many in the medical establishment is actually the most powerful natural remedy there is. There is nothing more powerful than your mind when it comes to healing yourself."

I was right! Except that I did not give doctors enough credit for issuing blanks to thair patients.

I guess a retraction is in order. I said that the medical establishment scorns the use of placebos. I am dead wrong. They use them 50% of the time! I'll fix this when I sell out the curent 10,000 volume book run I've got going:-) :-) For the full story browse National Institutes of Health- Placebo or use this link below.

Link to story:

Reasons given for doctors issuing blanks are:
>Get rid of the patient- throw them a bone so they'll leave the doctor's office
>Patient insists on getting a prescription
>Nothing else worked on a patient, so try a blank
>Parent needs to see their child being treated with something/ anything so placebo is given to make them happy

It's all in the mind, isn't it?

PS- Buy your copy of Rich Remedies Volume 1 at:

Monday, October 13, 2008

Back to the Future in State College , Pa.

Rock Legends To Play State College Fundraiser for Obama-Biden
The Pennsylvania Campaign for Change has announced a Monday, October 13 concert fundraiser to benefit Obama for America featuring many Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees and other American music icons.
Event details:
Who: Bob Wier, Phil Lesh, Bill Kreutzmann, and Mickey Hart
Gregg Allman, Butch Trucks, Jaimoe, Warren Haynes, Derek Trucks, Marc Quinones, Oteil Burbridge, and Jeff Chimenti


What: Concert Fundraiser
Where: Bryce Jordan Center Pennsylvania State University State College, PA
When: Monday, October 13, 2008 Doors Open 5:30 PM EDT

Unfortunately I will be in San Marcos, Texas today and unable to attend this event in my boyhood state of Pennsylvania. It will be an awesome show. The Grateful Dead and the Allman Brothers Band had some incredible concerts together back in the early 1970's. This scribe is dating himself here with this blog post. Time to take a teaspoonful of resveratral anti-aging tonic! (No kidding, I will when I'm done typing this)

I'm not sure who I'm voting for in the Presidential Election. Maybe I'll toss Ron Paul, Independent Candidate from Texas a protest vote? At least he has some fresh ideas. Enough politics here.

In the early days the Allman Brothers Band played fund raisers for Plains, Georgia's favorite son, Jimmie Carter (Billy Carter's Brother) and actually helped get him elected. It also helped with the sale of the cult beverage "Billy Beer". I'll cesase with repeating ancient history and with all political discourse.



PS.- Early reviews of my book Rich Remedies, Volume 1, My Incredible Natural Self Healing Discoveries are quite good. Pick yourself up a copy if you are so moved at: http://www.richremedies.com/

PS. PS.-No portion of the proceeds from the sale of my book will be donated to any political candidate, but some will be contributed to the Austin Children's Shelter and the Make A Wish Foundation of Central and South Texas.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Mayfield Gardens, Austin, Texas

I received my semi annual call to action last week to get my lazy keister to Mayfield Gardens and clean up the Tyson Family plot. The weeds have taken over!
When I moved to Austin from Leesburg, Virginia in 2003 (5) years ago, I made a commitment to get involved in community service projects. This was my first one. My sons Christian and Scott joined me on 2 of the hottest days in July in 2003 cleaning up one of the community gardens that was overgrown with vines and weeds. We dug every bulb up and replanted them. My son's lost their appetite for gardening with this project (and others in our back yard).
I do all the work now maintaining our community plot at this beautiful, historic garden spot in Austin. The garden is worth the effort. Mayfield Gardens are located at 35th and Mt Bonnel Road. Check it out! Koi ponds, Flowers, Peacocks, hiking trails, and serenity all within the Austin City Limits.
PS- Although I generally do not enjoy weeding my gardens, it is a wonderful, mindless task that focuses your attention on the work at hand. A great escape. Especially useful this week as the global financial system is in upheaval.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

The"Uber Smoothie"

This is the most expensive and highly oxidizing, free radical smashing smoothie shake you will ever see. How's this for an all star line up:
Goji Berries, Raw cocoa, EMX-1 Rice beverage, Vivix resveratral anti aging tonic, Green Magma barley grass, Probiotics, Flax seed, Diamatacious Earth, Golden berries, Arginine, Raw pumpkin seeds,and Soy milk.
I've had two of these this week just for the heck of it. Smoothies are a great way to get good, convenient, and digestible nutrition. My usual smoothie has a small fraction of these ingredients. My standard is Rice Milk, Flax Seed, Diatamacious Earth, Banana, and Probiotics. The Diatamacious Earth is a new discovery. It has a building block of life- Silica Dioxide, 20+ trace minerals, and anti parasitic properties.

Sacred White Buffalo- Part 2

So you can imagine that the prophesy of the Sacred White Buffalo imbues these amazing creatures with incredible energy and hold spiritual significance to people who believe in the legend.
To "capture" this energy, two homeopathic solutions are available (pictured here).
"Buffalo Bliss" is said to help with meditation and attaining higher states of consciousness.
"Sedona Health"- is said to relieve joint and muscular pain.
The literature has testimonials suggesting the Sedona solution relieves multiple types of aches and pains. One woman claims that she had arthritis relieved another a frozen shoulder that was relieved.
I purchased multiple bottles of the homeopathic to try out. I haven't been able to "tap into" the properties of these two remedies yet. Who knows? It's too early to tell whether I will in fact get any benefit from these interesting elixirs. I'm always open to new things......
The homeopathic are made from the buffalo's fur and milk.
Interesting, at a minimum.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Rich Remedies, Volume 1 is Shipping!

Rich Remedies, My Amazing Natural Self Healing Discoveries, Volume 1 is shipping.
It can be ordered from www.richremedies.com
It's selling like hot cakes and home fries at Dean's Diner! Get your copy while supplies last!


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sacred White Buffalo

I was driving down Route 180 from Flagstaff, Arizona on my way to the Grand Canyon with Pat Metheny's live CD "Travels" (recorded in Philly, I was there at the concert) blaring on the car stereo when I blew past a general store on the side of the road that said "Jerky for Sale and Sacred White Buffaloes".......I kept driving and then something told me to stop, make a U-Turn and go back.
I thought to myself: "Could these be the rare, Sacred White Buffaloes that I heard about in native American legend?" White Buffalo are so rare that only one in 10,000,000 are born this way.
There is also a Prophecy of the Sacred White Buffalo that is pretty interesting.
When I went into the Spirit Mountain Ranch General Store to confirm that they did indeed have the legendary Sacred White Buffalo and indeed they do. They have eight (8) which is a statistical anomaly of the first order! They are genetically tested to be 100% white buffalo and not albinos. Eight (8) of these wonderful animals in existence at the same time and the same place . Same place, same time, same family, , to one family
The legend cliff notes:
According to Native American prophecy, the white buffalo is a symbol for all people to join together in peace. It is a miracle, unique birth, and symbolizes major energy shifts according to the pamphlets in the general store. Who knows?
An Indian maiden trans mutated (changed into) a buffalo and rolled over changing (transmuting) into colors four (4) times turning white, black, red and golden- representing the four (4) races of the world.
The good news according to the Native American prophesy is that all four human races are headed for reconciliation and peace. We need some good news during the financial melt-down of the international banking system here in October 2008. This is economic collapse is nuts- some real "interesting times" these are. There is certainly a deeper meaning to the upheaval that we are experiences on multiple levels here.
The buffaloes change colors during different times orf their lives and seasonally in different areas of their bodies. The four colors: golden, black, white, and red fur colors are present through the year.
This change of colors on the buffalo reflects the realization of the Sacred White Buffalo prophecy - PEACE FOR ALL PEOPLE-according to the posted story at the Spirit Mountain Ranch.
To be continued..............
PS- On 10.10.08 do you have a better answer? Heck, I hope there is some truth to this legend, it works for me.

The Grand Canyon

Words Can Not Describe the Awesome Grand Canyon.......so I will not attempt to.......
Order your copy of just released Rich Remedies, Volume 1 today online at:

Monday, September 15, 2008

Raw Spirit Fest cont.

On Sunday Morning I was on My way to Dr Medicine Wolf's lecture on his leading edge work on O.R.M.E., or "Orbitally Rearranged Monatonic Elements."
Instead I ended up at David Wolfe's presentation (he is pictured here) on "Levitational elements"- which include some discussion of ORME ( gold in this case), medicinal tree mushrooms, barnacle bacteria that calcifies(blocks) circulation, and the most amazing concept, the capability to understand and evade nature;s "recycling system" through proper nutrition.
Longevity beyond our belief.
Now, I am dumbing down a riveting hour-long presentation by David, who I had never heard of before this day. He has a huge following in the raw food movement and a thriving business, as I have learned.
I pride myself on the ability to dumb down profound concepts. So here I go taking an hour's discussion and reducing it to a few sentences.
So here's my dummy version of life forever according to DW: Consciously eat raw vegetable - based foods, eat super foods, take ORME gold, and use alchemy to "fool" nature's entropic (destructive) recycling processes. Basically this is keeping your immune system so tight that nature's recyclers- parasites, fungus, yeast, bacteria, and viruses can not exist in your body because it is alkaline and it has the proper electric charge, and magnetic wave resonance that repels deadly pathogens.
Like I said in Rich Remedies, Volume 1- get alkaline, use probiotics, eat high energy foods, take light, drink ionic water, use energetic medicine(like scenar) / Radionics, meditate, exercise,
and be happy.
It's all salami, no matter how you slice it :-)
How's this deli metaphor grab you?
Not quite the metaphor my vegan friends want to hear, but it fits.
PS- As I listen to really smart people like David Wolfe I realize that I'm on to something.
PS PS- Cocoa- : Pronounced "Cock-Cow" is raw chocolate that is now the nutritional rage. There are companies, even MLM companies pitching Cock-Cow as a super food and cure-all. Like everything, see if Cocoa agrees with you. Some of us are allergic to it.

Sedona Bell Rock- Cover Volume 3

Bell Rock is going to be on the cover of my third book, Earth Energy. This is the first Vortex rock in Sedona that I visited on my first trip and it is the most publicly accessible of the six major vortexes.
Based on my very rudimentary research, vortexes are "feel good places" where Earth Energy is hightened and there is an uplifting, spiral effect. Some believe that the red rocks, full of iron oxide produce a magnetic wave energy that we can feel. Who knows? Scientists have not been able to consitently measure and produce concrete evidence that vortexes produce higher energy fields than say a Wal-Mart parking lot. Like all forms of scientific research, their results are susceptiple to error. In this case I am convoinced that they are.
I can tell you that without a doubt, these vortexes are producing incredible energy at some level .Perhaps we can not measure this energy with conventional devices. The whole Sedona area has a vibe that attracts thousands of people. Who knows what it is? All I know is I like it. I'll leave it to others to argue whether there is any truth to vortex energy.
By the way, I'm writing this while I'm watching the Eagles play the Cowboys on Monday night football. Distracted. Great game. A glass of Old Vines Zinfandel not far out of reach.
Go Eagles!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sedona- The Raw Spirit Festival

A Rickshaw Operator levitating off the ground. I'm sure not crunchy enough to pull this feat off......

I am at the Raw Spirit Festival in Sedona where I am working a booth with one of my suppliers, EM America. My book, Rich Remedies is ready and available on:


You need to buy this book now to avoid the rush :-) :-) :-)

I was to be signing books, but they are being printed in Tennessee as this blog is being written so, no soap radio. I'm here shaking hands and kissing babies instead. It's nice to be in Sedona under just about any circumstances.

At the Raw Spirit Conference, which is about raw vegetable diet and green living, I have concluded that I don't even register on the "crunchy" meter at all. This crowd is very much a Grateful Dead Concert, bohemian group. They're fun loving free spirits. Friendly, earth -conscious, and out to have a good time. Refreshingly, there are no presidential politics or campaigning going on here that I could see. This is about sustainable living, personal health, and connection. Everything I embrace.

It does make for great people watching. I'm probably as square as they come at this Festival and I consider myself pretty progressive. Not "crunchy" enough. I think I need dreadlocks, tatoos,
and my tongue pierced. I'll need to collect some book royalties before I get this makeover.

I met some interesting people who will potentially collaborate on my upcoming volumes in the Rich Remedies book series.

More on the Raw Spirit Fest, Sacred White Bison, The Grand Canyon, and more.....stay tuned.



PS- The link to buy Rich Remedies Volume 1 is http://www.iuniverse.com/Bookstore/BookDetail.aspx?BookId=SKU-000062621:

Monday, September 8, 2008

It Sounds Too Good to be True

In a previous blog I told you that I'm trying the revolutionary anti-aging tonic, Vivix this month. Believe it or not, I think it's making a difference already! Maybe it's just my fertile imagination, I don't know it's too early to tell.

The other thing that I'm testing Is Brain Balance and Regeneration. This is a proprietary mineral formula containing Orbitally Rearranged Molecular Elements (ORME's). I know....it's easy for me to say. :-)

It sounds too good to be true:

>Brings the heart, mind, body, and soul into harmonic homeostasis and a higher level of consciousness and spirituality.
>Higher energy level for peak physical and mental performance.
>Enhance interconnectivity of the nervous system and connective tissues.
>Tranquility, serenity, and optimism.*

Wow! I want some more of all of this. I can't wait to see and feel the results if this works as advertised.

I'll give you an update later this month. I'm going to try to meet the manufacturers in Sedona, Az
this weekend and get the skinny on all of Sacred Health's products which sound pretty amazing.

Keep you posted.



PS- I will be in Sedona, Az at the Raw Spirit Festival this weekend. It should e very interesting. I shall send a dispatch from Sedona with a full report.

PS. PS.- See richremedies.com for other useful information.......

*These descriptions came from the Brain Balance & Regeneration packaging. The product is made by Sacred Health, Sedona, Az.
Note: Alcohol consumption will reduce the effects of this supplement.....

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Minding the "Monkey Mind"

This is a sappy (cheesy tourista) photo of me with a squirrel monkey resting on my crown chakra in a plaza in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico (on the "Mayan Riviera"). I'm sure that's not how the Mayans referred to this beautiful area on the Yucatan Peninsula, but I'm told it's a good name for tourism purposes. My daughter Emily is next to me with a monkey on her shoulder.

I am wearing a baseball cap, so I think that I am safe from "monkey business." :-)

The tie-in with the monkey resting his furry ass on my head is a humorous metaphor I heard that compares a busy mind to a nervous, out-of-control monkey running/ climbing / swinging to and fro nervously. Like a fearful and angry mind churning up all sorts of bad out comes. Running in circles. Pointless worry.

In reality, 90% + of the bad things you worry about never happen. Think about it.

To this point, last year I went to a book signing featuring: Wake Up Now, A Guide to the Journey of Spiritual Awakening by Stephan Bodian. The author said that when he was learning to meditate as a young Buddhist monk, the abbot in the monastery would describe the busy, wandering mind as a "monkey mind". A lower primate mind out of control. Not capable of being quiet or centered due to preoccupations.

It's true. If you watch what's going on in your mind when you are worrying, it's usually circular thoughts making up and creating outcomes that usually do not materialize.

I'm trying to refine and quiet my monkey mind, and I'm making progress. My wife and children need some more work.

I've been lecturing my wife and children recently on the need to calm their minds and limit the amount of small stuff that they complain and worry about. So the message that I try to convey (to reduce stress and worry) is to focus on the 90% that's going right and deal with the 10% problems the best you can,with a feeling of optimism that things will in the end turn out OK.

Why do I blog on this ? Because it is my belief that 85% illness is rooted in stress which is rooted in fear and anxiety of some kind. If you can quiet your mind, you can reduce allot of stress and lead a happier and healthier life. It's very often not just what you are eating....but what is eating you.

" The point of spiritual awakening is not to maximize your assets and minimize your losses, but to be free of attachment to gain or loss and to be peaceful and joyful in the midst of whatever life brings."

Stephan Bodian

Words of real wisdom.

"Feed that monkey in your mind a peanut and let him go on his way"



PS- This is my Internet version of my day standing in Speakers Corner, Hyde Park, London, delivering my philosophy of life to no one, save a few pecking pigeons (Mediterranean rock doves), a rat and maybe a squirrel or two.

PS.PS,- Rich Remedies, Volume 1 is finally being printed. Had I let the monkey mind get the best of me during the past 2 years of writing this book, it never would have come to fruition. At several intervals I thought I'd never finish.......it's now just a week away.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Diamotaceous Earth- This is a new (old one)

Last week I over heard a conversation at a local herb shop about Diamotaceous Earth. This is one of those things that has literally been around forever, but for some reason, I am just learning about it.

As all of these healing things go, I heard about Diamataceous Earth 2 times in one week after never hearing the term before, so I'm on to something here.

Diatomaceous Earth is a fossilized deposit of microscopic shells created by one-celled plants called Diatoms. These plants are found in both salt and fresh water. Like plankton, Diatoms serve as the basic food for aquatic life, just as grass is the basic food for land animals. The "secret sauce" in Diamataceous Earth as I like to refer to key healing ingredients is silica dioxide, a trace mineral that is said to be one of the key building blocks of life. I have never heard this before so I'll do more research, but it sounds promising. Another interesting claim for Diamotaceous Earth is that the tiny shell fragments cut the skin of intestinal parasites (worms), injuring them and eventually killing them, without causing harm to your body. It is said that 85% of the human population is carrying some sort of intestinal parasite in their body. Parasites cause all sorts of nasty problems and have even been linked to certain cancers so getting them out of your intestinal tract is a good thing. Some parasites will escape into other areas of your body and even your blood stream, destroying tissue.

Suppliers make food grade Diatomaceous Earth that is fit for human consumption. I am using it in my smoothies to try it out. The lab rat strikes again.

I am providing more coverage of this fascinating discovery in Rich Remedies, Volume 2.

Now, I get excited that I just discovered Diatomaceous Earth, but this stuff has been used by veterinarians for years, especially in horses, so I'm not breaking new ground, just waking up to something new. However, if I take a poll of non-horsey people, I bet that less than 10% have heard of this Diatomaceous Earth. Have you?



PS- If I like this stuff, it will be available on http://www.richremedies.com/ in the near future.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Baked in 911.....and baked EM•X® Ceramics

Baked in Texas....as in driving and un air conditioned 911 in 30 days of 100+ degree heat. Baked as in EM•X® Ceramics.......Yes, I've been baking in my car for the past month while we go through the longest string of 100 degree heat in history in Austin, Texas. No one can accuse me of being a sports car "poser" driving a 1985 911 Carrera with black interior with the windows down and the only source of a breeze is 3rd and 4th gear on Rt 360 on 100 degree inferno days. No, this is not for the meek or the weekend air conditioned, never been out of 3rd gear Porsche 711 crowd. This is real hair shirt, sports car enthusiasm. Or lunacy.

The landscapers in the back of pick up trucks actually wave to me at traffic lights since they see me sweating in my fancy sports car as profusely as they are..... I feel like one of the gang. They actually look like they feel sorry for me. "Poor axxhole, he doesn't have air conditioning." I like this feeling of acceptance. It makes me feel good about myself.

My son got a paying summer job at Chick-filet. Since he's 17 years old, I can not in good conscience give him the Porsche to drive as he may wrap it around a tree like I would have at his age. Best to give him the air conditioned, "safe" car. So I get to drive the "hot car", literally.

I've also gotten very used to driving the Porsche on a daily basis. I've wanted a motorcycle for quite some time but don't have parental approval to move forward with the purchase so my 1985 bare bones 911 edgy and primitive- by -2008- standards Porsche is as close as I'm going to get to a motorcycle right now. And if you're on a bike, you have to experience the elements.....the heat.....you've got to bake. So I'm baking, but not biking yet.....

Speaking of baking......I have some really cool EM•X® Ceramics products to share.........

EM•X® Ceramics are baked at high temperatures. Pictured here are Ring Stone Ceramics, EM Ceramic Jewelry, and EM Cellular Stickers made from Effective Microorganisms with Magnetic Wave Resonance. There is also EM Sea salt in the photo.

All are products that I personally use.They can be purchased :http://www.emamerica.com//index.php?option=com_content&task=blogcategory&id=196&Itemid=271

Use Promotion Code :RichRemedies to receive a discount on your first purchase.

According to EM America Product Catalog 4th Edition:

EM•X® Ringstones:Work by absorption and emit far-infrared rays, ultrasonic frequencies that cleave (adhere to) impurities from liquids, resulting in smaller water molecule clusters. I don't know what this means, I just like the way water tastes after a ringstone has sat in it for an hour.

EM Cellular Stickers: Smooths out electronic waves (EMF's) helping to minimize their negative effects. I put them on my cell phone and laptop computers.

EM Ceramic Jewelry :Protects wearer from Electro Magnetic frequency Waves and also adds far-infrared wave energy benefits to the blood as it circulates past the ceramics. I wear the ceramic jewelry around my neck.

EM Sea Salt- Contains trace minerals and combines them with enzymes and amino acids making this sea salt unique and bio-available.

I use all of the EM products and believe that they are beneficial to me. Check with your healing coach to see if they might be beneficial to you.



PS: Remember to use promotion code: RichRemedies when ordering EM products to get a discount on your first purchase.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Preserving Open Spaces

Wynnorr Farm Route 926, Glen Mills, Pennsylvania

I bought fresh silver queen corn, tomatoes, cucumbers, and green beans at one of my all time favorite farm stands in my old stomping grounds, Glen Mills, Pa. last week. This is a farm that I frequented for over 15 years. Thank goodness it is still there.

Once upon a time I lived on an old estate near by called Waterstock. It was once owned by the film star Claude Raines who appeared in the classic Humphrey Bogart movie Casa Blanca as the police captain and uttered one of my favorite lines at the end of the movie:"Quick, round up all of the usual suspects", as Humphrey Bogart was being whisked away to safety aboard an airplane. Morroccan justice at it's best.

When I lived at Waterstock, Hanna and Jack Leiper, an old Quaker couple owned the place. I have many fond memories from that time living in the country. There were some good parties there. We had a keg of Bass Ale on tap in the carriage house kegerator at all times. Very quaint.

So back to Wynnorr which was one of the places I bought local, family farm grown produce in Pennsylvania. Great, fresh food. The best silver queen, white corn, bicolor, and yellow corn-on-the- cob I have ever tasted. They keep the corn crop season going all summer by rotating different varieties.

One of the other farms in Glen Mills that I used to frequent was Fairhope Orchards down the road. Much to my chagrin I saw Fairhope Orchards is being subdivided into a housing development. Another old family farm of my youth bites the bulldozer's dust. It's a shame. It's 2008 and that's progress. It's always sad when I come back to the Philadelphia area and see another old Main Line estate subdivided and another farm paved over. It's usually caused by heirs inheriting the estate and having no interest in running a farm. It's easier to take a developer's money and cash out than run a family farm profitably. Whatever the reason, it's a shame.

I guess the good news is that Wynnorr Farm is going strong as the attached photos indicate. I think the family that owns it is committed to farming for the long pull. You never know.

So I digress into another one of my pet peeves, un-checked development. Support your local family farm any way you can so we can preserve these beautiful wide open spaces.


PS- I reserve the right to post meandering and sometimes irrelevant posts from time to time as I have this week on vacation......