Thursday, June 26, 2008

Our Lakes and How We Fix ' EM

This summer both of my sons have gotten ill from swimming in local creeks and lakes.

The root cause of their illnesses (stomach cramps, diarrhea, and vomiting) is believed to be "bad" bacteria (like ecoli) populations increasing in the water due to septic, sewage, and livestock runoff getting into the water. This pollution is increasing as the number of houses, shopping malls, condos, commercial/ industrial developments grow in our community.

Is this development and growth going to stop any time soon? The answer is "no". Everybody wants to live in Austin.

So what do we do to save our precious water?

The solution (in my opinion) is the widespread use of Effective Microorganisms™ in households, businesses, and agricultural properties.

In my previous blog I shared with you a video of how the Japan Seto Inland Sea was restored using Effective Microorganisms™ by flusing it down toilets, pouring it into drains, and pouring it directly into the water. The beneficial bacteria in Effective Microorganisms™ neutralize the harmful bacteria in the environment as well as decreases algae blooms, leaving the water clear and pure. If Effective Microorganisms™ are used on a community-wide scale, the results will be nothing short of incredible.

I don't know about you, but I think the water that we have in the Texas Hill Country is a resource worth preserving. This can be done in concert with homeowners, businesses, agricultural concerns, and industry; not in conflict. We all need to work together on this. There is a solution that will work for everyone if we decide to take advantage of it.

In the meatime, I have asked my sons to stop swimming in certain lakes and streams until further notice.........

Learn more about Effective Microorganisms™ in my book Rich Remedies, Volume 1 or on my website

Friday, June 20, 2008

Amazing Story! Effective Microorganisms™ Cleaning up the Japan Seto Inland Sea

Effective Microorganisms™ is briefly covered in my book Rich Remedies, Volume 1, My Amazing Natural Self Healing Discoveries and on my website,

The single biggest reason that I got onboard with Effective Microorganisms™ was the story I read in Dr. Teru Higa's book Our Future Reborn. Tokyo, Japan: Sunmark Publishing.2006: about the recovery of the Seto Inland Sea.

Here's a video about this huge grass roots effort to renew this body of water that means so much to the communities that surround it. My hope is that I can start a grass roots movement here in Texas to purify our Hill Country Lakes and streams, our rivers, and the Texas Gulf Coast. This video shows how we make it happen here in Texas:

The short story in case you don't have time to view this video is that volunteers in communities surrounding the Japan Seto Inland Sea poured massive amounts of Effective Microorganisms™ into the polluted water over a 5 year period and restored it to pre-Industrial quality. Seaweed beds, shellfish, and fish populations are thriving. The health and vitality of the water is restored.

Just think about what we could do to our water in Texas? The rest of the country!

Let's do it!



Thursday, June 19, 2008

What's different about Rich Remedies, Volume 1 ? Who Cares?

Now that my book is almost in print I've had a number of people ask me what is different and compelling about my book Rich Remedies, Volume 1. My Amazing Natural Self Healing Discoveries. The follow up question is "Who's interested in this stuff and who cares?"

The book tells the story of my 20 years of self-healing discoveries. This is a consumer talking to consumers in my own words about some things that can really improve your life. Some of the things I have discovered are truely amazing.

This is a self-help book that delivers as much value as any book out there because of the following:

> Your health is more important than money. Without health, you really have nothing. Here's how I helped myself get back my health. You can learn something from my experiences.
> I have condensed into 190 pages, 20 years of useful information on natural healing for the average Jane or Joe who are tired of feeling lousy. This is a quick, uncomplicated read.
> There are some things in here that you will not find anywhere else.
> I meet people on a daily basis who are looking for this information and don't know where to start. Rich Remedies, Volume 1 is your starting point.

This is a fast moving, easy to read story that everyone can learn from and use.

I look forward to seeing the book in print in a few short weeks......

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Feng Shui

I have started the data collection process for my Feng Shui engagement with Donna Collins

The "water feature" is in place since June 7th and is bubbling away in our dining room.

The data collection process is quite invlved: house position/ orientation, plat, floor plans, furniture arrangements, neighboring buildings/ structures, the direction that doors in the house face,utility poles, bodies of water, paint colors, 'birthdays, photos of rooms, and the view out of the rooms are all baseline data required to begin the Feng Shui consultation.

I'm not new to this. We had a Feng Shui practitioner design our house interior when we first arrived in Austin. As a matter of fact, I met her (Nancy Wesson) on the flight during our move to the city.

The design results were actually quite good.....after 5 years it's time for a tune up.

I am writing a chapter in my next book about Feng Shui. I think there are multiple benefits to it, the most obvious is the removal of clutter from living/ work spaces. This is the toughest aspect of Feng Shui for me to follow since I am constantly free-assocating with books, magazines, my computer, or anything else that happens to be of interest at any given time.

This should be fun......

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Shaman- Tiger Woods- US Open, Torrey Pines 2008

I no longer consider myself a true sports fan. It takes too much time and I think that life can be wasted living vicariously through other people, especially athletes watching sports. I watch the Philadelphia Eagles Football team as long as they are playing well. Otherwise, I watch very little sports.

Today I sent my final (I hope) copy of Rich Remedies, Volume 1, My Amazing Natutal Self Healing Discoveries to iUniverse, my publisher.

I watched the US Open at Torrey Pines near San Diego this evening and concluded that Tiger Woods is a Shaman and not just a super athlete. The golf he played today defied all logic and reason. Impossible putts and "luck" that I have concluded is no coincidence. Tiger is tapped into a different energy center than the rest of us. I know, you'll say I'm nuts and Tiger Woods just works harder than everyone else. Sorry, I don't buy it. He is making shots that are super human. There are no reasonable explanations to explain what he is doing......but you can try.
Tiger is connected to Universal Intelligence.....better than most of us.

Go Tiger!

That's all folks!


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Rotten Tomatoes- It isn't just meat any more

Hello to my throngs of readers,

I sent a blog about probiotics and my son's hamburger food poisoning earlier today, when I neglected to mention today's top news story on salmonella contaminated tomatoes that is costing the US more than $1 billion in losses based on all the recalls and panic.

Tomatoes are in everything it seems from ketchup, salsa, salads, pasta sauce, and many other staples.

In my book, Rich Remedies, Volume 1 I discuss the Parcells soak that is used in many third world countries to de-contaminate foods.

Unfortunately, our industrial farming chicken is coming home to roost.

In my opinion, here is how we address this massive health issue:

Organic farming, Use of Effective Microorganisms in agriculture and households, and common sense. The embargo on tomatoes is a knee jerk reaction to some contaminations. I beleieve there is some commercial motive driving this latest scare.

Check out the Parcells soak. Wash your vegetables. Go Organic. Peace.

Thank you


Probiotics- When a lousy hamburger gets the best of you

In spite of my gentle warnings about factory foods and the Standard American Diet (SAD), my family continues to imbibe on junk food. I don't preach real hard becuse I've never cared for "holier than thou" sermons on what I'm doing wrong in my I try not to dish it out to others.....

One of my sons is lying in bed today suffering day 2 of food poisoning caught from a local hamburger joint serving what we suspect is bacteria-laden undercooked beef. He knew he shouldn't be eating this garbage but his friends insisted they eat at this hole in the wall......he missed work yesterday and is bed ridden most of poisoning is no joke.

Since i have had many bouts with bad food in Mexico and other places in my travels, I have become a bit of an expert on dealing with food poisoning, since I have self-recovered numerous times......

My personal remedy is massive amounts of probiotics (good bacteria) to fight off the bad bacteria (usually ecoli or Salmonella) that frequently contaminate mis-handled food.

Life is a battle between good and bad bacteria......probiotics gives the good bacteria the ammunition they need in your gut to win the battle. Before, during, and after travel where I have limited control over where I dine and what I eat, I take probiotic supplements....

I have some information on my website through Shaklee Corporation:

See your healing coach about a probiotic that will help you deal with food poisoning which is happening more and more frequently with all industrial foods....not just meat, but some vegetables as well.....

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Formula Grand Prix Du Canada 2008

I was sitting on the living room couch Sunday afternoon channel surfing while editing my book, Rich Remedies Volume 1 (again!), trying to get it printed once and for all.....this editing is the gift that keeps day my first book will be done!

The Formula One Canadian GP was on Fox Sports much to my delight. I used to be a Formula One racing nut from my senior year in High School when I saw my first race at Watkins Glen, NY (near Horse Heads New York in case you didn't know)- Nikki Lauda won the race.... to the untimely and tragic death of racing legend Ayrton Senna, about ten years ago. He was the brilliant Brazilian driver who won multiple world championships and was a joy to watch behind the wheel of a race car. Very, very fast and fearless.

After he left the scene my interest in the sport waned for some reason. I'm not sure why.

The F-1 spectacle: the culture, colors, cars, speed, danger, technology, languages, skill, pretty women, characters,partying, high rollers, sights, smells, and sounds just give me an Adrenalin rush. F-1 is the pinnacle of auto racing and you should experience at least one race if you get the chance.

The highlight of the Canadian GP yesterday was the first ever win by a Polish racer- Robert Kubica and the first F-1 race won by BMW, which is hard to believe since they have been in racing since the 1950' would have thought a BMW car would have won an F-1 race by now?

The Circuit Gilles Villenueve on the Ill de Notre Dame in Montreal is a great place to experience the F-1 circus. The St Lawrence Seaway surrounds the track which was originally built for the Worlds Fair and later the 1976 Olympics. Montreal is an European city in North America. Very cool. It made me nostalgic for the place and F-1 racing.....

Maybe next year?

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Feng Shui, Grace, and Turning the Corner on Health

Feng Shui

I met Feng Shui expert Master Donna Collins at the very end of the World Wellness Weekend, Austin as the show was ready to close

We were introduced by a business transformation consultant, Samira Anne Salman

Since I was just launching : my "hobby as a business" that weekend, I was looking for and found 2 people who can help me refine/ polish this RichRemedies vision I have. This business is in it's infancy so I am looking for all the helpful advice I can get.

Both Donna and Samira are delightful people and I am going to work with both of them to develop my strategy/ vision so that I can maximize the value that people receive from my buisness.

The first recommendation I received in Feng Shui from Donna was to install a 55 gallon aquarium in the Wei area of my home (Southwest area from the center). This "water feature" with pump running and water circulating increases the FLOW of ENERGY in this case, the wealth creating area of my home.......since I'm all about FLOW, I immediately complied with this recommendation and turned on the pump at 7:30AM, Saturday, June 7, a special day in Chinese Feng Shui for manifestation. Just keeping Austin understand.

Fish will be introduced in 2 weeks to the tank once the chlorine has been completely filtered out.....a good practice for the rest of us.... ...filter chlorine from your water....if fish die from it....what does chlorine do to us??? See for water filtration information.

Back to Feng shui.....if you are not tuned into my book, Rich Remedies, Volume 1 or my free wheeling perspective on life, you'll think I'm a complete nut. However, if you understand my very pragmatic and grounded approach to metaphysics and healing, you'll recognize that I'm just covering the bases and using all the tools that are available to us to move energy. Stagnant energy as I have discovered through personal experience, creates sickness, and a whole slew of other difficulties in life. If you don't understand this basic concept, you should learn it as soon as possible. Don't ignore this basic law of the universe about keeping energy moving. It's thousands of years old.

I had my home Feng Shuied when I moved here from the Washington DC area 5 years makes a difference. Check it out.

I find all this stuff that I do both helpful and humorous. I have a huge laugh at the things that I find myself doing in the name of enlightenment. Laughter is the best medicine of all.


I guess tied with Laugher for healing effectiveness is Grace.....I define Grace as the blessings you receive when you give of yourself with no expectation of any reward to those less fortunate or in need.

I received my dose of Grace yesterday by donating some money and helping a little boy who suffers from leukemia. The Make A Wish Foundation of Central and South Texas will be be donating and building a Playscape in this little boy's back yard so he has a place to play during the next 3 years of chemotherapy. I'm working with several other volunteers to help make this happen.

Get some Grace of your own. your time and / or money today. You will receive much more back than you give.

Turning the Corner on Health

A friend of mine just got in touch with me ask about what I did to treat my allergies so he can address his own chronic allergies that are literally killing him. I told him to get my book, but as I tell everyone, #1Get a Healing Coach. I don't give advice, I just share my experiences.

Here's where you find the healing pros-

American Holistic Medical Association (PO Box 2016, Edmonds, WA 98020; Phone: 425-967-0737; Fax: 425-771-9588; e-mail:

These folks will direct you to a natural healing professional in your area.

Second lesson-Get Alkaline- get as much acidic food out of your diet as possible, eat leafy green vegetables, and drink plenty of Ionized water to start.

My friend will recover from years of suffering now that he has turned the corner and is willing to seek a natural alternative to the harmful allergy drugs he has been taking for decades. He will be doing this under the care of a trained professional, of course.

One last thing before I go....

"The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat" ABC Wide World of Sports.......
Jim McKay, the host of one of my all time favorite shows died last Friday. If you know me you know that I'm generally not a big fan of television shows these days but Wide World Of Sports was an execellent show and McKay, the consumate professional. Thanks for 12 Olympics broadcasts and many decades of memories Jim. I grew up watching and listening to Jim McKay on TV.

Thank You!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The World Wellness Weekend, Austin, May 31 to June 1st was an interesting experience. There were allot of people from the Austin crunchy scene as well as some really out there metaphysical types. Since I was manning my booth most of the time I did not have a chance to really experience the show as I would have liked to.

I think the highlight of the show was a guy walking around with layers and layers of plastic bags glued to his body.....I asked him if he was born in a dumpster....I was was a landfill....

My joint presentation about my new book Rich Remedies, Volume 1 was well received by the packed gallery......I jest....there were 6 people who I did not know in the rather empty chamber, the other 10 were my supporters....Thanks to everyone who made it. You were there at the start.

The feedback from the few participants who attended my presentation was very positive. There were things in my presentation which were new to people as well as a growing awareness that our current medical system is broken in some places when it comes to real healing....not having my book available for sale was a bummer, but it will be here in the next 30 days.

The Effective Microorganisms™ presentation and product dicussions at the booth were well received. The stories and multiple applications in agriculture, environmental remediation, and personal health were compelling....

My goal is to clean up the water in Austin and the Texas Hill Country through the wisespread use of Effective Microorganisms™ .

I'd like to thank Jill , Lisa, Eric, Dwayne, and Darren for pitching in at the show and everyone who stopped by the booth. You're all witness to the beginning of something big....I'm not delusional :-) You'll see what I'm talking about in a few years.

These blogs are going to get better.....I promise......just getting started.....there will be some fun, funny, and interesting stuff here in the weeks and months to come..... I promise....