Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Organic Adult Beverages

I'm writing Rich Remedies Volume 2 and have been contemplating a chapter on organic wines and beers.

The organic wines are grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers. They usually contain little or no sulfites, a preservative that in large quantities can be harmful. I am mildly allergic to sulfites so wines containing high quantities do not agree with me.

The organic beers are made from grains and hops that are grown without pesticides and chemical fertilizers and use highly purified water and contain no preservatives or foam stabilizers like some commercial brands.

My experience with these products is mixed. Most of the organic beers that I have tasted are very good. The organic wines on the other hand are very inconsistent, a few undrinkable.

Maybe we should conduct a blind taste test to fully vet this topic?

I'm undecided on the chapter.....



PS- Don't be snookered like I was when I mistook the "Pure beer" on the left for organic when I bought it he other day......mind your labels.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Rich Remedies Health Care Solution for the USA

Here is the simple solution that the Obama Administration is looking for to fix the US Healthcare "Crisis". It requires no increase in deficits, no increases in your taxes, no government supervision, no growth in government, no interference in the current medical system, and no legislation.

US Citizens:
1. Eat less
2. Stop eating junk food and sugar
3.Eat locally grown, organic produce
4.In the absence of locally grown, buy organic produce
5.Drink eight glasses of water per day
6.Exercise 20 minutes per day
7.Find somebody to love
8.Be happy for no reason
9.Help out someone you don't know
10.Give to your favorite charity
11.Have some spritual belief
12. Take full responsibility for your thoughts, actions, and life
13. Cleanse or fast at least 2 times per year
14.Re-read 1-13 and do at least half of these.

We do not need the government getting into our knickers any more than it already is. The Obama health plan is not necessary and will cost us a fortune and ruin the best healthcare system in the world. Get back to basics, take responsibility, and take action.



Saturday, July 25, 2009

Burning Out- Texas Style

"The high tomorrow in Austin will be 100+ degrees for the 30th time in thirty one days."

How did folks in the old days (before A/C)ever settle the state of Texas?

We are into one of the worst droughts in the state's history.

I was moved to write about this after I went out to my garden this afternoon to pick some peppers, tomatoes, and herbs. The garden is a wasteland. There were 4 small pear tomatoes, a single dried red bell pepper, and one regular red tomato. The only things surviving are rosemary and oregano.

I buy my vegetables locally at Boggy Creek Farm and the Austin Farmer's Market. The local farmers are holding on for dear life. Nothing can thrive in this heat. The only crops that are surviving are the ones that are irrigated with drip lines.

We need a couple of hurricanes. This was supposed to be an active year?

Need to do a rain dance.



PS- This will pass as every other drought in Texas history. Can't wait!

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Best friends.

Petey (Rhodesian Ridgeback)and Belle (Standard French Poodle)



Saturday, July 4, 2009

Natural, Organic July 4th- Tour de Austin

Tour de Austin July 4th

Read this post like the kabala- backwards

1.Stop number one- Boggy Creek Farm for some fresh, organic cucumbers, tomatoes, string beans, arugula, and watermelon.
2.Next, 3 mile run Lady Bird Lake. Hot!
3.Swim Barton Spring. 68 degrees straight out of Edwards Aquifer. Refreshing!
4.11:30AM in the park. I'm soaked from running in 98 degree heat. A party gets started early here in Austin. Adult beverages and a suspicious Jamaican odor coming from an unidentified, but very happy group of locals hanging out under ye olde shade tree. "It's 5:00PM somewheres" These guys make me feel really healthy and responsible.
5. Amphibious jeep. Ready for land and water.
6. Lance Armstrong's bicycle shop: Yellow Johnny's (7 yellow jerseys) and Juan Pelota Coffee Shop. I stopeed in for a soy latte in recognition of Lance's re-entry into the Tour de France today after a four year absence "retirement". The TV was on with Lance peddling his heart out. Say what you want about Lance. He has the biggest heart in the world, literally.
7. Whole Foods Market refridgerated beer room. The Belgian Abbey Ale shelf. Paradise found! There is a blessing in every bottle.....so the Catholic Friars say. This Whole Foods Market is the world-wide HQ /show place. My favorite grocery, health food emporium. Thanks John Mackey! An Austin original.
8.Spirited Food Company- Jesse Griffiths, stirring up July 4th treats. I bought bratwurst for tonight's BBQ. Dai Due.
9. Slow food assembled on the counter top.
10. The Jack-in-the-Blog grilling on natural hardwood coals....Dai Due bratwurst.

Incredible dinner!

Fireworks did not materialize. OK



Happy July 4th!

Happy Independence Day from the Texas Hill Country!


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Organic, Vine-ripe Tomatoes!

I posted back in April that my July 4th weekend table would be resplendent with organic, backyard garden tomatoes. Lookey here- Wow....like magic!
Just call me Houdini !

Happy Independence weekend.



PS- Estimated cost per tomatoe= $11.88 less Mockingbird peck damage. The few that the Mockingbirds have not pecked into are really good.