Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bathing in One Gallon of Water

This morning our water was turned off by the local water company. Evidently there was a problem at the pumping station and no one in the neighborhood had water pressure. So no one here in "Cuernavacaville" where we live took a proper shower. The place reeks! If you don't know where this is, you'll be able to smell it from wherever you are in Austin. The fumes are said to be visible from the UT campus.

Lucky for me, I had a gallon of "acid water" sitting in a jug in the sink attached to my Rejuvenizer Brand Aquarius Water Inonizer.

The Ionizer produces Alkaline water(ph of 7++) out of one side of the unit and Acidic water (low pH 5 or less) out of the other side as shown in the photo above..
Acidic water is great for external applications like bathing. It's as good for your outsides as Ionized water is for your insides.

I took a spaghetti pot and poured the gallon of acid water in there and heated it on the stove to ~ 80 degrees. Hopped in the shower and started to carefully wet down "key areas" of my svelt torso.

My Dad (Ensign Joseph H. Tyson Jr, US Navy 1944) taught me years ago how to take a one minute "navy boat" shower. He served on a small escort ship during WW2 in the Pacific Ocean and taught me how sailors showered with a minimal amount of water for conservation purposes on his ship. This old navy lesson served me well on camping trips growing up and now as a homeowner with empty faucets and no water.
The key is to clean the "yick-yick" areas and stretch the gallon all the way through to the rinse cycle.
You'd be amazed how little water you really need if you just focus on the "yick-yick areas. Amazing!
This is your useless water conservation tip for the day.
PS- Who says the acid water that comes out of the Aquarius Ionizer is wasted? Not me. I treat insect bites with it, clean wounds, water flowers with it, rinse vegetables with it, and occasionally wash with it. See water ionizers

What Attracted This? - A "Clash Day"

A week ago my wife Linda had an automobile accident at 5:45 AM (see photo) on her way to yoga.

A young man driving a Jeep Wrangler crossed the road median line at an intersection, crossing into her lane, running head-on into Linda's Mazda, activating the safety airbags and destroying the entire front end of her vehicle.

No one was seriously injured in the accident, but Linda has a lingering neck and head ache that we are monitoring with our physicians in the event that there is serious trauma that has not surfaced yet. As you can see from the photo, the Mazda is a total loss. We are fortunate that no one was killed or maimed by this wreckage.

I've been asking myself "what attracted this to us?" You may say, "this is an accident.....a chance event...... it just happened as a random, unfortunate circumstance of your life"

I don't believe in coincidences or accidents. Everything happens for a reason in my opinion. There are no accidents.There are several factors that "attract" lessons to our lives.

I am a big believer in the Law of Attraction and subscribed to this law long before the movie The Secret came out. I have not mastered the art of creation but certainly subscribe to it's tenants. that we create what we see in our lives- the good and the not-so-good circumstances we experience moment to moment.

I haven't figure out an explanation for this auto accident but asked a Feng Shui Master for her take on this event. I think it's interesting and share it here with you. Whether you buy into this or not, it's a novel way to look at life's circumstances.

Since the Olympics are starting in Bejing, China, this week, I think it's appropriate to provide an ancient Chinese spin on the accident.

Here is an explanation I received from Donna Collinis, Feng Shui Master

"One our "heaven luck" says that we must have certain lessons - this is our karma, the plan that we agree to before we step into this life. Karma happens until we learn enough to become enlightened

Two our "earth luck" - our feng shui which says the land we choose will allow these lesson to take place, it will provide a place for life to be played out on

Three our "man luck" - our thinking, our good works, our attitude, philosophy and education

All day these are working in our favor to provide the lessons our souls are looking for that we need to expand and become enlightened. To take us to points of gratitude and love. Each time a lesson comes up you have a choice - that is why they are called in quantum physics - choice points - to move through with gratitude and recognition of the good and expand or the opposite which is easy for you to figure out.

So in Chinese Metaphysics term the accident would look like this:

Linda a had a clash today - it means her energy did not mix with the energy of the day - this would be heaven luck and it created the car accident - the lesson that heaven has provide you with to find love and gratitude and appreciation for life

The feng shui is the protection - it is to mitigate the lesson - it does not remove the lesson it reduces it - it is a life saving factor, an extra insurance.

Your Man - your law of attraction works like this - Once you have gotten to the point of enlightenment and you realize that you create your own reality the karma goes away.But you must work on creating that reality each day.

You must wake up and create the day.

So if you look at this day what has provide what can you tell me - have you realized greater love, have you experienced gratitude, or are you just annoyed, or troubled - where are you ?"

Words of wisdom. Whether you think this is "bunk" or not, the lesson here is applicable to everyone- take personal responsibility for your self and your life. You're in charge. We create our circumstances.

Feng Shui is going to be covered in my third book Rich Remedies, Volume 3.




PS- If you haven't seen Rich Remedies, Volume 1 yet, don't fret. It's on it's way in a few weeks.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Pick-up Game of Knife Throwing in Austin

I was driving down Burnett Road in Austin last Saturday afternoon on my way home from a Saturday morning project when I spotted this knife throwing contest taking place on the side of a building.
I ask you. Where else in America will you see a knife throwing contest on a Saturday morning? Or any morning for that matter? That doesn't involve someone being impaled.......
Austin is Great.
Austin is a very edgy, free spirited, fun-loving place. People of all stripes, colors, shapes, and sizes are accepted here as part of the fabric of the city. Tattoos, body piercings, funky clothing, dreadlocks, alternative music, parties, live music, eco-consciousness, community outreach, and any other expression of individuality is accepted here.
As it should be everywhere.....but isn't.
There is this saying "Keep Austin Weird" which refers to preserving the happy-go-lucky, bohemian, artsy, and lunatic fringe aspects of the city.
Let's not surrender to the phony, and the boring tendencies of mainstream mass- media affected society. Keep it real.
Those knife throwers are just doing their part Keepin' Austin weird....and I love it!
PS- I'm doing my part to keep Austin weird by publishing my book: Rich Remedies, Volume 1
We all must do our part!
PS. PS.-Speaking of "Keeping Austin Weired"I just bought tickets for the final concert at the Backyard on October 26, 2008. There won't be a dry eye in the house as Austin sees another gem of a music venue bite the bulldozer's dust.
Willie Nelson is going to close this venue as he opened it 16 years ago when the Backyard was "out in the middle of no where". The closing of the backyard is another step in the on-going process of "gentrifying" Austin with shopping Malls.......don't get me started on this topic.......

Monday, July 28, 2008

Zeolite- Three Times This Week

Zeolite, a substance that I had never heard of up until now,has hit my "radar screen" 3 times in the past week. First from Eric Lancaster, EVP EM America, second from a waiter at Austin Java and finally on the back cover of the July/ August edition of Nexus Magazine. So when a cool new product that may have beneficial healing effects crosses my path like this, I go into action.

Zeolite is a volcanic mineral that is said to draw heavy metals and toxins from the body. It is said to have a negative ionic charge that attracts and bonds heavy metals, enabling the user to flush them out of your body.

In my book Rich Remedies, Volume 1, available at , I discuss how heavy metals are present in our food, air, and water and the need to flush these poisons out of our bodies before they accumulate and cause degenerative diseases. Heavy metal toxins are the root cause of many ailments, although this fact is often ignored by physicians.

In my personal experience, I have used a mineral clay from a special source in Utah for heavy metal detoxification. It is available at most health food stores. . Maybe Zeolite is an alternative?

So, Zeolite gets a trail run in Rich Remedies' www.richremedies "laboratory"after I get the green light from my healing coach, naturally.

I'm all for evacuating heavy metals. I ate tuna 3 times for dinner in the past month. This is unusual since I cut way back on tuna about 2 years ago as a seafood staple because of heavy metal contamination. You know I've got to be carrying some mercury right now.......after those delicious tuna steak dinners.

Look for my report on Zeolite......If I like it, I may offer it for sale on



PS- You see that I will venture off the healing path and eat things like tuna fish, knowing full well that they contain mercury. This is why internal cleansing, as discussed in Chapter 6 of Rich Remedies, Volume 1 is so vitally important to your health. It is impractical and sometimes impossible to avoid heavy metals as they are present just about everywhere. Anyplaceyou find automobiles, factories, landfills, dumping grounds, and power plants, you'll find heavy metals. So the solution is not to worry, just get flushing......

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

French Sorrell and the Mensa Rabbit

Below: French Sorrell, my "cash crop" (before rabbit)

Above: French Sorrell (after rabbit) devastation.
Nuked by a Mensa rabbit.

French Sorrell is a lemon-flavored perennial herb that I have had growing in my garden for the past 3 years. It is said to have one of the highest vitamin C contents of any leafy vegetable and has other medicinal qualities. I didn't know of Sorrel until I found it for sale at Boggy Creek Farm here in Austin. It may be my favorite salad vegetable. The lemon flavor is like no other vegetable.

In my book Rich Remedies, Volume 1 I extol the virtues of homegrown organic vegetables and herbs. French Sorrel is a staple of my diet. I do not give healing advice but I will give gardening / salad advice- get and plant some French Sorrell in a pot or in your garden. It's the best.

French Sorrel was the only vegetable this year besides plum tomatoes that really thrived in my Spring/ Summer garden. It's on our table at least 2 times a week. I think I put too much magnesium sulfate in the garden. soil, consequently very few vegetables that I planted thrived.

At sunrise last Friday morning I was in the garden picking French Sorrell when a rabbit ran right in front of me and scampered to the opposite end of the garden. I have thin mesh wire fencing along the bottom of the garden to rabbit-proof it. The garden gate is unhinged so there is a single ingress and egress for small furry critters. This rabbit found the only way in. Must be a Mensa rabbit. (Mensa rabbit has a rabbit IQ that is higher than normal and brags about how smart he is to the dis-interested)

I was tempted to let my Rhodesian Ridgeback "Petey" into the garden for some rabbit hunting. Petey is gazelle fast and a very good hunter. He loves giving chase to wild animals. He would have caught that rabbit. I decided to let the rabbit live to see another day and chased him through the broken gate. Sorry Petey......

Saturday morning at sunrise I went out to pick some fresh French Sorrell for my breakfast. Gone! All gone. Mowed down to the nub. That Mensa rabbit was scoping out my garden for a midnight pillage. The little rascall came back after I spared his life and cleaned me out of my cash crop. That's gratitude? What do you expect from a rodent?

That's it for the 2008 French Sorrell crop.

It's close to the end of the season for this crop......plant more for next year.

Plant some yourself. It's a nice compliment to basil and parsley, the more common backyard herbs.



PS- Does anyone have a good recipe for grilled rabbit? If so, please send.

PS.PS.- I'm going to get a gardening section started at in the near future.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Feng Shui- Rob Wealth Personality Profile- Jie Cai

My Feng Shui process is proceeding well. My report shows that my personality profile is Jie Cai or "Rob Wealth".

In the Ancient Chinese tradition of Feng Shui, this means that I (my wife Linda as well) have to give money to charity immediately upon receiving money or the flow of money will dry up. The charity money needs to be given immediately.


Before I knew this I had a kind of superstition (Intuition) about my obligation to give money when something fortunate comes my way. I've been pretty consistent about giving in this way. Now I know the reason for this natural inclination.

Maybe I should be giving more?

Here are my 3 personal favorites. I volunteer my time to these and fulfill my"Rob Wealth" giving obligation as well. Please feel free to send them a contribution if you feel moved to do so:

Make A Wish Foundation of Central and South Texas
Supports wishes for children with life-threatening illnesses:

Austin Children's Shelter
Shelters/ protects at-risk children, infants to 18 years of age:

University Baptist Church- (God's Family Dinner)
Feeds the homeless and working poor of Austin, Texas - a nourishing, hot meal, and provides a clean, neat place to congregate every Thursday evening in the Church Hall.

Ten percent of my profits from Rich Remedies, Volume 1 will be donated to the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the Austin Children's Shelter.

Giving to charity and volunteering your time are incalculable sources of Grace. You can't get it many other places.

Think about giving to your favorite charity today.



PS- Rich Remedies, Volume 1 will be available in just a few weeks at:

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Stem Cell Enhancers

There has been a controversy for years about the use of human stem cells in medicine for mostly ethical reasons. There is no debate that they hold incredible healing potential in all manner of diseases such as leukemia, bone marrow transplants, Parkinson's disease, spinal cord injuries, muscle damage, and other conditions.

Stem cells have the remarkable capability to develop into many different cell types in the body. They act as a repair system for the body, with the ability to divide without limit to replenish other cells as long as the person is alive. When a stem cell divides, each new cell has the potential to either remain a stem cell or become another type of cell with a more specialized function, such as a muscle cell, a red blood cell, or a brain cell. This is the full extent of my stem cell knowledge. More to come later......

When I was researching my book Rich Remedies, Volume 1, I was approached by a respected naturopath who wanted to know if I wanted to try stem cell therapy as an anti-aging/ total health regimen. The cost was approximately $1200 for the stem cells alone that were extracted from duck embryos, not human embryos. So theoretically, no ethical concerns......but....I passed on this opportunity. As enticing as it sounded. I'll try allot of things but $1200 stem cell therapy is not in the cards at this moment.

Shortly after the stem cell therapy offer I exhibited at the World Wellness Weekend in Austin, Texas. My booth was adjacent to the Stem Enhance booth. They manufacture sell stem cell enhancers. I spoke briefly with a very nice lady at the booth about her experiences with the stem cell enhancers which are plant-derived. The cost per monthly dose was less than $50.00 which is a far smaller investment than the duck embryo-based mojo I was offered.

Stem Enhance is said to stimulate stem cells in your bone marrow, which then travel throughout your body to support optimal organ and tissue function. It "enhances" your own natural stem cells to grow and multiple according to the manufacturer. They go where they are needed to repair damage to tissues and organs. It sounds pretty cool and a great chapter for my next book.
I'm going to do some more research and then probably buy a bottle or two and try it out.

The exploration continues....



PS- Here's another example of a plant- derived compound that has miraculous potential, like NutriFeron® which is discussed in Rich Remedies, Volume 1-made from pumpkin seed extract, safflower extract, Asian plantago seed extract, and Japanese honeysuckle flower extract…NutriFeron® amazing natural immune system booster: check it out at:

PS. PS.- Always consult your healing coach before using any herb, nutriceutical, vitamin, or drug.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Incredible Organic Healing Herb Salad Dressing- Top Secret

In my book Rich Remedies, Volume 1, My Incredible Natural Healing Experiences, in the chapter on herbs I reference a salad dressing that I make from a combination of my own home-grown organic herbs and from local farmer friends here in Austin.

This is truly a healing experience on multiple levels.

I have a few people who are "addicted" to the stuff and suggest that I commercially market it. The inspiration to go into the food business and all the licensing and inspections that go with selling food commercially has so far inhibited me.

Maybe some day?

Two "secret" ingredients you will find nowhere else on Earth in a salad dressing: Rainbow full -spectrum ionized water and EMX-1 nutritional rice beverage with Magnetic Wave Resonance.

Today this amazing salad dressing is available as my personal gift to a few Rich Remedies friends and family members.

If you have the motivation mix these ingredients together, you'll have an incredible salad dressing.

Salad Dressing Ingredients & Healing Effects* :


Active ingredient is allicin which has antibacterial, anti fungal, blood thinning, and antioxidant properties. Said to reduce cholesterol, arterial plaque, and strengthen heart.
Digestive aid that has anti inflammatory properties. Used to treat nausea, vomiting and motion sickness.
High in vitamin C, iron, potassium and calcium. Used by naturopaths for urinary infections. Full of chlorophyll which is a mediator of bad breadth. Treats lost libido in women (buy it by the bushel basket guys)
Antiviral properties. In folk medicine used to get rid of warts. Phytochemicals said to remove plaque from teeth
“Herb of remembrance” Helps with blood circulation, particularly to the brain. Alzheimer's, arthritis, diabetes, indigestion, and blood pressure are said to benefit from this herb.
Breathing problems like asthma, coughs, and bronchitis are said to be treated by doses of Thyme syrup prescribed by a physician. Also said to kill certain worms.
Capasaicin, the phytochemical that produces the heat in peppers is prominent in cayenne. Anti inflammatory, blood thinning, blood circulation,cholesterol reduction, anti bacterial, pain reliever, and provides a “cooling effect” in hot weather
Onion/ Shallot
Contains high amounts of quercetin in the onion skin that is a biofavinoid that is known as an anti inflammatory good for treating allergies and respiratory ailments.Colds, diabetes, high blood pressure, and inflammatory bowel are said to benefit from the healing compounds in onions
Indigestion, stomach ache, bad breadth, and colds are said to benefit from spearmint
Black pepper
Contains the compound peperine.Digestive aid, constipation, and is said to help the body assimilate certain vitamins in the digestive process.
Antimicrobial, antibacterial, and anti fungal agent. Also used as an antiparasidic.

Note: These healing effects apply based on an individual’s specific body chemistry. They also apply when a proper diagnosis and prescription has been made by a trained medical professional. The therapeutic benefits (disease prevention) can be gained by adding these herbs to food on a regular basis. When you contract a disease or ailment, massive quantities are prescribed of these herbs usually in the form of essential oils or in powdered form. A Naturopathic Doctor is the best source for this type of treatment.

Grape seed Oil- Grape seed oil contains vitamin E, vitamin C and beta- carotene. It also contains Omega-6, Omega-9, and Omega-3 fatty acids which are good for cardiovascular health.
Lemon juice- Alkaline ash, Vitamin C, and cleansing properties.

Apple Cider Vinegar- Contributes to making one’s body fluids more alkaline (high pH level) which is desire able when fighting disease. Diseases thrive in acidic bodily fluids.
Apple Cider vinegar also contains small amounts of Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, and apple pectin. There are also trace minerals such as potassium present which lowers high blood pressure.

Bragg's liquid aminos

Vinegar and liquid amino's available at most health food stores or at:

Filtered, ionized water, spectrum exposed for 45- 60 minutes

EMX-1 Rice Drink (optional)