Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Two Hour Workout in Just 45 Minutes!

I had never heard the term until last week when I visited the 5Focus fitness studio on my trip to Seattle.

Kinesis is a circuit training methodology using exercise equipment that was originally designed in Italy that arrived in the US in the past 2 years. I liken it to a combination Bow flex, Nautilus, and Pilates all wrapped into one. There are also floor exercises and stretching routines that are done as part of the Kinisis 45 minute work out.

In the Kinesis class that I participated in, there were five(5) Kinesis wall-mounted stations consisting of cables connected to weights. Each station focuses on a different muscle group with a full range of motion exercise. It kind of reminded me of Bow flex with the simultaneous combination of resistance and stretching movements.

The floor exercises included lunges, squats, bends, leg exercises,and stair stepping movements that in combination had my thighs and glutes burning.

A personal trainer choreographs the entire session barking orders and keeping time. In our case "Coach Kitty" cracked the whip to insure that no one slacks off and the full circuit of exercises is completed in the allotted 45 minutes.

The Kinesis routines emphasize flexibility, balance, strength, and cardiovascular fitness.

You might think that doing 2 hours of exercise in 45 minutes is the lazy person's route to fitness. You would be mistaken. If you do the exercises faithfully, you are physically spent after 45 minutes.

I highly recommend trying this fitness solution as an alternative to the standard gym workout experience.`



Friday, November 14, 2008

An Amazing Healing Metal

Silver, it's just not for jewelry, fancy tea sets, and tableware.
Did you know that silver heals?

As a part of my on-going exploration I am continuing to play with natural compounds that I think will beneficial to my self and extended family.

Colloidal Silver is one that I came across years ago that I heard had great promise but I never obtained enough detailed information to compel me to study it and try it out on myself until now.

Colloidal Silver is the next "miracle solution" I am working with in my backyard laboratory on Cuernavaca Drive :-)

Silver has been known for centuries as an antimicrobial agent. In the olden days they would place silver in jugs of water to prevent it from spoiling on long treks.

Pioneers on wagon trains were said to suspend silver tableware from strings in their water barrels to keep their water clean and potable.

Silver has been used for years in water filtration systems to kill bacteria, molds and viruses. So using silver for healing applications (like allot of this holistic healing is not new). People are just rediscovering it and technology is improving the delivery of it.

The technology for delivery of silver has come in the form of advanced colloidal silver generators which amounts to placing silver electrodes connected to an electric power source into distilled water. When the elecricity is turned on, the silver atoms give up an electron and dissolve into the water as positive ions. This is colloidal silver. It is minute particles of silver suspended in water. The quantity of silver in the solution is minute.

Through special laboratory processes, the silver is produced in the form of tiny nano-sized particles of elemental silver that can be easily absorbed and carry an electrical charge that zaps bacteria, molds, viruses, fungi, and other pathogens.

It is taken sublingually (under the tongue) for best absobtion or can be swallowed as well, but is subject to dillution from digestive processes in the gastrointestinal tract. It can also be taken transdermally (applied to the skin).

It has been used for burns, antimicrobial treatment, and other immune-system boosting applications.

There are said to be no counterindications and it works synergistically with antibiotics.

Check this out with the guidence of your healing coach. It has great healing potential, especially in these days of antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria.



Note: This information is not intended to be taken as medical advice. No therapeutic or medical claims are either implied or made. Consult with your physician before taking any medications.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama, President Elect- Breaks Racial Barrier

Barack Obama is the US President elect. This is an historic moment for all Americans and especially Afro Americans. The racial barrier to the highest office in the land has been broken. This is wonderful! We should all support our new president and wish him well as he has a huge mess to clean up after 8 years of George Bush. The Irag/ Afghan wars, the economic collapse, and the trillions dollars budget deficit.

President elect Obama, Godspeed! You'll need it.

I am hoping that your administration moves to the center and recruits the best bipartisan minds in the country for cabinet positions. I also hope that bi-partisan politics returns to Washington after decades of non productive devisiveness. That's what you have promised, please deliver.

I voted for John Mc Cain. He ran a weak campaign and could not match Obama's charisma and youth. I like John Mc Cain and wish him well.

The Obama election was a referendum against the old guard and the old-tired corrupt ways of politics. Let's hope Obama can rise above the loathesome mistakes of the past. If he doesn't, he will be out of office in 4 years. The American people demonstrated in this election that they are sick and tired of being exploited by the monied interests and the "bought and paid for politicos".

Good luck Barack!



PS- I'll be sending a copy of Rich Remedies, Volume 1 to the White House. It will be waiting there when you arrive on January 20th, 2009. It will be the best piece of mail in the White House mail room.

PS PS- Rich Remedies, Volume 1 is now available at Book People, Austin, Texas.