Thursday, August 21, 2008

Baked in 911.....and baked EM•X® Ceramics

Baked in in driving and un air conditioned 911 in 30 days of 100+ degree heat. Baked as in EM•X® Ceramics.......Yes, I've been baking in my car for the past month while we go through the longest string of 100 degree heat in history in Austin, Texas. No one can accuse me of being a sports car "poser" driving a 1985 911 Carrera with black interior with the windows down and the only source of a breeze is 3rd and 4th gear on Rt 360 on 100 degree inferno days. No, this is not for the meek or the weekend air conditioned, never been out of 3rd gear Porsche 711 crowd. This is real hair shirt, sports car enthusiasm. Or lunacy.

The landscapers in the back of pick up trucks actually wave to me at traffic lights since they see me sweating in my fancy sports car as profusely as they are..... I feel like one of the gang. They actually look like they feel sorry for me. "Poor axxhole, he doesn't have air conditioning." I like this feeling of acceptance. It makes me feel good about myself.

My son got a paying summer job at Chick-filet. Since he's 17 years old, I can not in good conscience give him the Porsche to drive as he may wrap it around a tree like I would have at his age. Best to give him the air conditioned, "safe" car. So I get to drive the "hot car", literally.

I've also gotten very used to driving the Porsche on a daily basis. I've wanted a motorcycle for quite some time but don't have parental approval to move forward with the purchase so my 1985 bare bones 911 edgy and primitive- by -2008- standards Porsche is as close as I'm going to get to a motorcycle right now. And if you're on a bike, you have to experience the elements.....the've got to bake. So I'm baking, but not biking yet.....

Speaking of baking......I have some really cool EM•X® Ceramics products to share.........

EM•X® Ceramics are baked at high temperatures. Pictured here are Ring Stone Ceramics, EM Ceramic Jewelry, and EM Cellular Stickers made from Effective Microorganisms with Magnetic Wave Resonance. There is also EM Sea salt in the photo.

All are products that I personally use.They can be purchased :

Use Promotion Code :RichRemedies to receive a discount on your first purchase.

According to EM America Product Catalog 4th Edition:

EM•X® Ringstones:Work by absorption and emit far-infrared rays, ultrasonic frequencies that cleave (adhere to) impurities from liquids, resulting in smaller water molecule clusters. I don't know what this means, I just like the way water tastes after a ringstone has sat in it for an hour.

EM Cellular Stickers: Smooths out electronic waves (EMF's) helping to minimize their negative effects. I put them on my cell phone and laptop computers.

EM Ceramic Jewelry :Protects wearer from Electro Magnetic frequency Waves and also adds far-infrared wave energy benefits to the blood as it circulates past the ceramics. I wear the ceramic jewelry around my neck.

EM Sea Salt- Contains trace minerals and combines them with enzymes and amino acids making this sea salt unique and bio-available.

I use all of the EM products and believe that they are beneficial to me. Check with your healing coach to see if they might be beneficial to you.



PS: Remember to use promotion code: RichRemedies when ordering EM products to get a discount on your first purchase.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Preserving Open Spaces

Wynnorr Farm Route 926, Glen Mills, Pennsylvania

I bought fresh silver queen corn, tomatoes, cucumbers, and green beans at one of my all time favorite farm stands in my old stomping grounds, Glen Mills, Pa. last week. This is a farm that I frequented for over 15 years. Thank goodness it is still there.

Once upon a time I lived on an old estate near by called Waterstock. It was once owned by the film star Claude Raines who appeared in the classic Humphrey Bogart movie Casa Blanca as the police captain and uttered one of my favorite lines at the end of the movie:"Quick, round up all of the usual suspects", as Humphrey Bogart was being whisked away to safety aboard an airplane. Morroccan justice at it's best.

When I lived at Waterstock, Hanna and Jack Leiper, an old Quaker couple owned the place. I have many fond memories from that time living in the country. There were some good parties there. We had a keg of Bass Ale on tap in the carriage house kegerator at all times. Very quaint.

So back to Wynnorr which was one of the places I bought local, family farm grown produce in Pennsylvania. Great, fresh food. The best silver queen, white corn, bicolor, and yellow corn-on-the- cob I have ever tasted. They keep the corn crop season going all summer by rotating different varieties.

One of the other farms in Glen Mills that I used to frequent was Fairhope Orchards down the road. Much to my chagrin I saw Fairhope Orchards is being subdivided into a housing development. Another old family farm of my youth bites the bulldozer's dust. It's a shame. It's 2008 and that's progress. It's always sad when I come back to the Philadelphia area and see another old Main Line estate subdivided and another farm paved over. It's usually caused by heirs inheriting the estate and having no interest in running a farm. It's easier to take a developer's money and cash out than run a family farm profitably. Whatever the reason, it's a shame.

I guess the good news is that Wynnorr Farm is going strong as the attached photos indicate. I think the family that owns it is committed to farming for the long pull. You never know.

So I digress into another one of my pet peeves, un-checked development. Support your local family farm any way you can so we can preserve these beautiful wide open spaces.


PS- I reserve the right to post meandering and sometimes irrelevant posts from time to time as I have this week on vacation......

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Full Moon Over Cape May Inlet- 8.16.08

Full Moon Rising Over Cape May Inlet
Pictures don't adequately reflect the beauty of moon beams reflecting down on to the rippling Atlantic Ocean, in this case in Cape May, New Jersey. You know because you've probably seen it many times. Two things that I am in awe of are Mountains and large bodies of water (Lakes/Oceans).
I got my dose of Negative Ions for the last few days thanks to the crashing waves. See for the Aquarius Water Ionizer.
The body surfing this vacation was great. Waves everyday. Air temperatures in the mid-80's with a cool breeze coming off the Atlantic Ocean.
The water temperature in New Jersey just rose above the mid-60 degree level for the first time this Summer. Very cold for bathing. Hypothermia can set in if you bathe in mid 60 degree temperatures or below. Our temps were in the mid 70's which was very comfortable once you're in for a few minutes. We lucked out. Perfect water. Perfect weather.
I started the day with a 45 minute walk on the beach and ended it at the Cape May Beach Club with a Rum Punch (Orange juice, lime juice, white rum, ice, dark rum and a maraschino cherry infused w/ red dye number 2. It's been that kind of week.
Working hard for my money. At least that what they were singing at Carney's Bar last night. What a riot that scene was! Cheesy 80's top 40 tunes by the house band and an army of men and women looking for love. Funny! It was the shore bar scene I remembered from my youth. I'm sure some of these folks stood a-hole to belly button with me 20+ years ago in some Jersey bar watching the same band. Proof positive that time warps exist.
Now I return to Austin to reclaim the "Temple" from my vacation excesses.
Green drinks and Ionized water for the next 5 days!
Thank you!
PS- I saw multiple schools of dolphins swimming just off the beach, ospreys dive bombing fish, arctic terns, snow geese, swans, crumpet, sea gulls, crabs (saw, didn't get), sand pipers, and many other beautiful things.
PS. PS. - Wrote Vivix "chapterette" today for last minute addition to Rich Remedies, Volume 1.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Vacations- Necessary Battery Recharge

Random Vacation photos......chilling out in Philly and Cape May, NJ.

Friday, August 15, 2008

A Vegan's Nightmare- Philly and Jersey Shore "Comfort Food"

Hoagies, Clams, and Crabs! A Vegan's nightmare :-)
Yum, Yum!
I'm on vacation in my old stomping grounds of the Philadelphia suburbs and New jersey Shore to spend time with family.
When I'm on vacation I make it a point to let loose and eliminate as many restrictions on my behavior, including my health conscious diet. One requirement of a visit to the East Coast is to enjoy some of the comfort foods of my misspent youth in Philadelphia. Mandatory food groups include all of the things that I caution people not to eat in my book, Rich Remedies, Volume 1.
Three things that are on the top of the toxic food leader board that I must eat are hoagies, clams, and Maryland Blue crabs. Read- "high processed monkey meat", and bottom feeding shellfish.
They are absolutely delicious! I'm happy that I don't make a steady diet of these like I did in the old days. These food groups are a vegan's nightmare.
Everythng in moderation, including moderation.
The hoagie as it is called in Philly is named for the laborers who invented the meaty sandwich who worked on Hog Island near the City of Brotherly Love on the Delaware River. Outside of Philly the hoagie is called a submarine sandwich or "sub" for short. The good ones are full of various processed lunch meats like ham, bologna, and Lebanon bologna. American processed white cheese is added along with ice burg lettuce, tomatoes, onions and peppers. Oil and vinegar, salt and pepper for seasoning. These are laid on top of a long, doughy white roll,
A good hoagie combines all the food groups that my hero Michio Kushi warns against in the Macrobiotic diet. A "coronary on a bun" is a nice way to describe a good one. Highly processed meats, cheese, on refined, white flour bread. Food combining at it's finest!
The Maryland crabs and the clams are bottom feeders. They get their nutrition by filtering water. So if the water is polluted or there is the presence of heavy metals, they will drink it and store it in their little bodies.
These little critters are steamed in a pot. The crabs are seasoned with Old Bay seasoning which is a spicy herb mixture of peppers, salt, and bay leaf.
So how do I conscious this blatant violation of my basic dietary guidelines?
Easy- I let my hair down and just enjoy these delicacies that I rarely touch any more.
To assuage (satisfy) the minuscule pangs of guilt I have eating this stuff, I take extra probiotics, drink barley powder , take alfalfa, tablets, drink EMX-1, Omega 3 fish oil caps, kelp tablets, and a few other supplements. I also drink plenty of water to flush the toxins out of my system.
When I return home I will do a heavy metal cleanse (crabs & clams hang out where heavy metals are present). This time I will try out a new product Ziolyte that is said to bind to heavy metals and remove them from the body.
So you see, I am consciously in violation of my dietary guidelines, but have a deliberate plan to get back on purpose as soon as I get back to town. I think you can indulge in almost any way you please as long as you have a good cleansing strategy and supplementation regime. That's not advice, just my personal practice and opinion.
PS- Everything in moderation, including moderation. If something makes you happy and doesn't hurt anyone it.....just not frequently!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hammett's Crossing Vineyard Part 2

I never had a full appreciation for the work and skill and luck involved in the wine making process until I saw it being done at Hammett's Crossing Vineyard. We picked grapes, sorted them, destemmed them, washed them, cooled them down with ice, checked the sugar content 24(see photo), checked the pH 3 (adjusted slightly), poured into stainless steel tank, and later the wild yeast would be replaced with special wine making yeast to insure proper fermentation.
I probably missed a few things but you get the idea. It's a labor intensive labor of love.
I'll leave wine making to the experts!
PS- Another "Chapterette" being added to Rich Remedies, Volume 1 on grape power- Vivix.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Grapes at Hammett's Crossing Vineyard Harvest Day

I helped pick some Cabernet savignon grapes and learned the basics of the wine making process at Hammett's Crossing Vineyard owned by Allan and Maragaret Fetty. Vinticuilture and wine making are a huge, labor and capital intensive undertakings. It takes allot of time and energy to produce a single bottle of wine.

Picking the grapes for a few hours was fun. I wouldn't want to make a full time job out of it but doing it as an educational experience was great.

After picking the grapes we sorted and separated them removing green grapes and raisins. Then they were placed in a machine (pictured above) that separates the stems from the grapes.

Following this process the grapes were cooled down and then placed in a staidness steal tank for the first round of fermentation.

More to follow.......



Friday, August 8, 2008

Grape Power! Vivix- Resveratral- Anti Aging Breakthrough 08.08.08

Here are some Vivix promo slides from Shaklee Corporation. Uber grape extract medicine.

So today is 08.08.08. In numeroplogy the number 8 stands for prosperity and making money.
That's why the Chinese started the Bejing 2008 Olympics today.

Since health, wealth, and happiness is what it''s is all about, I think it's appropriate that I received an email from Shaklee corporation about their new breakthrough cellular anti aging tonic called Vivix. nutrition tab.

This stuff is amazing and it is going to be yet another "last minute addition" to my book Rich Remedies, Volume 1 since the book is all about cool, off the beaten path healing secrets that I find.

The reason Vivix is so special is that it contains massive amounts of a scientifically proven anti-aging compound called resveratral. Scientific studies have proven that resveratral slows aging down by promoting cell repair and replication in four key ways:

> Protects and repairs cellular DNA

>Turns down genetic regulators of cell aging

>Promotes mitochondrial biogenes to increase healing power in cells.
>Reduces formation of age proteins
This miracle elixer is made from the super grape strain "vitis rotundifolia" that contains higher quantities of polyphenols and resveratral that promote cardiovascular health, circulation, and have cancer fighting properties. 1 teaspoon of Vivix = 100 glasses of wine in terms of reseveratral.
More to follow......
PS- You can hit my Shaklee site and order Vivix at

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Austin Guru- H.P.

Harvey Penick is a legend and a guru. There is a small shrine in his honor at the Austin Country Club where he served as club professional instructor for seven decades......that's right....70 years!
I just purchased a copy of Harvey Penick's Little Red Book today not because I want to improve my golf game but because I want to improve my life game. I officially quit playing golf 2 years ago because I sucked at the game. But I saw the shrine and know intuitively that Harvey and I would have gotten along famously if we met.
Harvey Penick taught golf for seven decades and coached the University of Texas golf team for 33 years. Among his well-known pupils were Ed White, Betty Jameson; Morris Williams Jr., Betsy Rawls, Mickey Wright, Kathy Whitworth, Tom Kite, Ben Crenshaw, and Sandra Palmer.(acc Website) .

I have read that Harvey was a kind and gentle soul. He did not try to force his students into a structured method but allowed them to express their individual genius and God -given talents within the brackets of sound golf techniques. He avoided breaking his students down, instead accentuating the positives that he found within each individual golfer. He epitomized the Austin vibe that I embrace which is to find your own sweet spot and hammer away at it to your hearts content. Something good will come of it if you are honest and passionate about what you are doing.
"When I quit learning, I'll quit teaching" Was a popular Harvey refrain which is applicable to all of us.
Late in his life he collaborated with with Austin writer, Bud Shrake,and authorized four golf instruction books with million of copies sold. The number one and two all-time sports best sellers; Harvey Penick’s Little Red Book (1992) and his Little Green Book, And If You Play Golf, You’re My Friend (1993). Followed by, For All Who Love The Game (1995) and The Game For A Lifetime (1996), a book he was writing when he passed from this realm.
Golf is a great game. Some day I will go back an play again.......I'll be using Harvey Penick's Little Red Book lessons this time around. In life and in golf.
PS- Harvey Penick is an Austin original. It's people like Harvey who made this town the enlightened, loving, accepting place it is. Cheers to Harvey.
PS PS- I wish Harvey were here to write the dust jacket blurb for Rich Remedies, Volume 1 . He would have embraced my work I'm sure.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Montezuma's Revenge

Rich's Personal Remedy for the "Revenge"

Tulum- Ancient Mayan Temple by the Sea

Last year at this time we were back from our vacation to Playa del Carmen, Mexico. In spite of our best efforts, several in our party succumbed to mild cases of "Montezuma's revenge" from foreign bacteria that invaded our gut and caused indigestion/ diarrhea. The Mexican tourist areas have dramatically improved their water quality through the construction of on-site water purification systems. In fact in many upscale resorts it is safe to drink the tap water. An act that would have been unheard of for most people just 10 years ago.

I err on the side of caution and buy bottled water since I have travelled to Mexico over 20 times in the past 2 years and have paid dearly when I drank tap water, ice cubes, and ate raw vegetables.

During these trips I experimented with "remedies" such as grape fruit seed extract, Oxygen water drops, and high doses of probiotics. The last option worked the best for me. The one thing I just bought and will try on my next trip is a water bottle w/ a built-in filtration system.

Even with precautions, you may end up getting some sort of intestinal "bug". The most common recommended cure is antibiotics, particularly for severe cases.

Whatever route you take, I have found a fruit smoothie that gets me back to "normal" faster than anything else I have tried. It includes the following ingredients:



Flax Seed:

Rice Milk:


Goji Berries (optional):

This concoction works wonders for me. Naturally consult your healing coach/ doctor before you try anything.

Here's to "keeping it together."

PS- Nutritionals available on

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Me New Age? You've got to be #*@#ing kidding!

The Author at Tulum, Mayan Ruins, Tulum, Mexico 2007

Last weekend I was working on wrapping up a project with another volunteer for the Make A Wish Foundation when my coworker Justin looked at my water bottle in the 90+ degree heat and said: Hey Rich, what is that white stick in your water, one of your "New Age" gizmos?

The stick he was referring to is a "RA Stick", an alkaline Ion stick that raises the pH in water to 8.5 to 9.0 and negatively charges water to -255 mv:
When you read my book Rich Remedies, Volume 1 you'll know that I believe getting your body pH ~ 7.0 has beneficial health effects. Diseases can not survive an alkaline environment, they thrive in acidic environments. Drinking Ionic water helps in my opinion.

I was momentarily taken aback by my friends "New Age" reference and made a humorous denial of his charge.

My lingering perception of "New Agers" are people who follow the Druid religion and worship at Stone Henge at Sunrise. Or people who dress up in Gothic costumes and joust. That ain't me.

I guess in reallity this "New Age" label in our society extends to anyone who does anything unconventional.

Justin has my business card with my Ki logo and Hawaiian Island scene emblazoned on it so his immediate reaction to my card was: "Oh, Rich is another Austin "New Age " flake. Quite a normal phenomenon in the land of fruits and nuts....."

So this is a perfect segue into my mission at which is to take the best natural, alternative healing methods that I have discovered during my 20+ years of investigation and experimentation (on me) and share this useful information with anyone who is open to receiving it. If you are looking for an extra advantage in your health, you will find some here. If this is "New Age", than I am guilty as charged.

This New Age label tends to especially stick to me when I make references to Feng Shui and any references to life energy or "Ki" in my writing. The interesting fact is that 2+ billion other people in the Eastern part of this world use Feng Shui and embrace the concept of Ki in their daily lives. This is not New Age to them, but a very mainstream belief system in their society. Kind of like BBQ is to Texans.

The successful Billionaire entrepreneur, Donald Trump uses Feng Shui in most of his luxury buildings. He has to or the Billionaires he is trying to attract from Asia won't step foot in his multimillion dollar properties. If the Donald uses it, trust me, there is an advantage somewhere. Like "the Donald" all I am trying to do with all this stuff is find and use things that give us all an advantage in our lives.

If you are open minded, there are allot of "advantages" to be found in my writing. And, it's not "New Age".

Thank you for reading my New Age rant.

Rebuttals or comments can be sent to



PS- Sorry if I offended any card carrying "New Agers".....I just haven't gotten comfortable with that label yet. I know, if the shoe fits wear it.....where there's smoke, there's fire........but I'm still in denial :-) :-) :-)

PS PS: I think my problem with the "New Age" label is it equals in the minds of many "Flake" or a delusional person, which I am clearly not. I guess I will eventually accept the label....maybe.

Friday, August 1, 2008

"Full Day"- The Multipier Effect- 08.01.08

Cathedral Rock Vortex- High Energy in Sedona
Today August 1, 2008 is "Full Day" according to Chinese Feng Shui tradition. A day to multiply whatever you put your attention on......I'm paying attention to getting Rich Remedies into a rocket trajectory in the coming weeks and months......and spending more time of my time "on location" in beautiful places like Cathedral Rock in Sedona (pictured here).
Today I'm working on my strategic plan which includes all the components of a business plan with emphasis on the highest and best use of my time. Do what inspires me: create, research, test, fun travel, write, promote, market, and sell. Leave the other stuff to people who enjoy it.
"Fill it up!"
PS- A fun fact- in numerology, the name Rich Remedies = 71/ 8
71/8 = "Spiritual Inspiration Brings In Money"
R9+i9+c3+h8+R9+e5+m4+e5+ d4+i9+e5+s1 = 71 which reduces to 8
When I discovered this "good number" I laughed.
The name Rich Remedies was coined by my brother Bill and I during a marathon beer drinking session in my friend Tom Gallagher's kitchen 2 years ago in Belmont Hills, Pa. Chimay Belgium Abbey Ale is very inspirational. Those Belgian Abbeys really put allot of spirit in their brews.......
There will be a chapter covering Numerology in my book Rich Remedies, Volume 3 coming soon......