Monday, June 29, 2009

"The Mayor's" Dog

Last Saturday I was bombing down River Hills Road on my way to run Lady Bird Lake, shop Boggy Creek Farmers Market, and take a refreshing dip in Barton Spring.

This dog was sitting in right lane of River Hills Road like a little person staying cool in the shade. I stopped my car and took her photo.

This Weimaraner belongs to a gentleman I refer to as the "Mayor".

The Mayor used to walk his Weimaraners (he had 2, one died) through our neighborhood with a plastic bag picking up trash every morning on the side of the road. He is one of several interesting characters in "Cuernavacaville" (Bella Lago Estates for you socially conscious neighbors) where we live in Austin. The guy would pop up out of no where when you're walking or driving around. He and the dogs (usually unleashed) would be in the middle of the street just strolling along, oblivious to motor vehicles, bicycles, or any other traffic.

An unknown fun fact that I discovered one day when I engaged the Mayor (who is a man of very few words) is that he runs a registered bird sanctuary in his backyard for the Audubon Society. One evening I took my children into his yard where he has endangered water fowl in pens with running water that are being raised for release. very cool.

Just observing the Mayor from afar you would never have suspected such and operation under his management. It just goes to show.....never judge a book by the cover.
Thanks Mr. Mayor! Thanks for the great pose doggie! :-)



Saturday, June 27, 2009

Liver and Gall Bladder Flush

Two weeks ago I attended a lecture by Dr. Patrick Price of the Price Chiropractic and Wellness Center, Houston, Texas. Dr Price is one of those healers who is really good at what he does and has a great sense of humor.

7 Steps to Success was the title of the lecture. His seven steps are: 1. Intestinal Cleansing and my introduction to an amazing compound Mag07, 2. Enzyme Therapy, 3Liver/ Gallbladder Flush, 4. Parasite Cleanse, 5. Heavy Metal Cleanse, 6.Probiotics, and 7.Lymphatics.

I decided to try the Liver Gallbladder Flush which I completed today.

The summary of this particular cleansing regime is here:

> Four (4) days taking Livatrex liver herbal tonic. I couldn't find this so the helpful folks at Whole Foods looked up the ingredients and found 2 herbal tonics that combined match what is in Livatrex.I don't advise anyone playing around with ingredients, but I have been doing this stuff for 5 years and am personslly familiar with the ingredients and the liver cleansing protocals. The ingredients are all natural- dndelion root, oregano celery seed, burdock seed, hydrangea root, and other common herbs.

>On Day 5 you eat for breakfast one fruit from a list Dr Price provides. I chose Watermellon. For lunch you eat a vegetable soup with onions, carrots, garlic, oregano, and others that have a high sulphur content.

At 5:00PM you're supposed to take Di Sodium Phosphate. I skipped this because I could not find it at the store.

At 7:00PM I forced down a glass of water with one table spoon of EPSOM Salts. This is a first for me. I've bathed in these salts but never consumed them internally. They're not that bad once you get the taste out of your mouth. You're supposed to keep a toilet handy when you knock back the Salts, but I had no such reaction.

At 9:00PM- the "Home Run Payoff"- 3/4 cup of organic, virgin olive oil with fresh sqeezed lemon juice. Lie down on right side for 30 minutes and then go to sleep. When you wake up in the morning, the fireworks begin.

In some people, the olive oil causes nausea. I had absolutely no reaction what-so -ever. I have been on the wagon for 2 weeks (no alcohol) and working out almost every day. This is highly recommended as a "clean body" will not react as adversely as one that is toxic. I was pretty "clean" coming into this process.

>Day 6- you will literally be "flush". All sorts of stuff will issue forth, including gall stones which are round, green little balls.

The result is a liver and gall bladder that are cleansed and ready to help protect you body from the toxins that we consume every day that lead to sickness and disease.

As I say in my book, Rich Remedies, Volume 1, always do these treatments under the care of a professional healing coach. Thank you Dr. Price!

I am not a nut or hypochondiac (at least in my humble opinion). I like to have a few beers and glass of wine (maybe a few?) and have a good time.

Every week I have one day where I'm allowed to eat anything I want. Anything. So I'm not a priss. But, I do take the process of cleansing very seriously and do a cleanse at least 3 times per year. It's the oil change that gives my immune system the reserves it needs to fight off allergies and illness. I rarely get sick these days and I attribute this fact to a healthy diet, exercise, cleansing, and a good sense of humor.


PS- Dr Patrick Price can be reached at 713-877-8600. I highly recommend him in all aspects of holistic healing.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ozone- The Ultimate Intestinal Detox

Here's a new one- Ozone intestinal cleanse.

I am taking the supplement "Mag O" under the direction of Dr. Patrick Price as an intestinal cleanse. Mag O is a tablet with magnesium and powdered ozone (oxygen). It's called an OxyDetox.

Seventy percent of your immune syetem is in your gut. You keep this area in good shape and you can generally avoid most sicknesses. It's true.

Since I started the Ultimate Game of Life (TUG) coaching program June 1, I am working on my physical "environment". A cleanse is part of my physical restoration and has been a semi-annual event for me for over 3 years. I discuss cleansing in my book Rich Remedies, Volume 1.

Took the first dose last night before bed and woke up this morning to the anticipated "explosions". :-) I was told the oxygen could launch the Space Shuttle Atlantis in certain people. The erruptions actually weren't as bad as advertised. Maybe because I'm not a first timer and I don't eat junk food?

The Oxygen dissolves the caked up goop in your intestines and nourishes the tissues and beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract. When you're cleaned up, the oxygen gets absorbed into your blood stream, nourishing your cells.

Another great healing discovery. Thank you Dr. Price!



Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Great Healing Seminar in Houston 7/20-7/21

Click the image above to get the details.

Two Amazing energetic healers, William Two Feather and Dr. Patrick Price are conductucting a seminar in Houston, Texas this weekend. I have seen both of these gentlemen present and they have some amazing information to share.

Check it out.



Saturday, June 13, 2009

Khen Rinpoche at Barton Spring

Afer my morning run at Zilker Park I headed over to Barton Spring. Buddist Monk Khen Rinpoche, Abbot of Tashil Lhunpo Monastery in exile from Tibet was at the Spring offering a blessing and meditation. Here are some photos.

The meditation was in short:

"May I have an altruistic mind until I reach enlightenment." Great sentiment.
I jumped in the Spring and swam through the good vibes.....



PS- Khen is the Dali Lama's right hand man. Great person.


Friday, June 12, 2009

William Two Feather

Peace Maker- William Two Feather

“A simplistic diagram of an undulating line was drawn on the black board. The line was a series of smoothed semi circles (sine waves) flowing one after the other. This simple illustration was drawn on a blackboard by a Native American Apache healer, William Two Feather during a Native American “Drum Washing” healing class that I attended.3 According to Two Feather, nature has a rhythm of its own that when honored, promotes harmony and healing. When disrupted by negative energy, destructive human emotions, actions, creations, or any “bad vibrations” creates chaos and nature’s flow is disrupted. The good energy and natural order of things becomes disrupted. If you have any connection with nature you know this to be true.

An interesting aside is that William Two Feather has been on a teaching pilgrimage around the world to disseminate the Native American healing traditions that were kept secret from nontribal members until the Harmonic Convergence, August 17,1987. When I heard this I was surprised and delighted that the Harmonic Convergence had a greater significance than just a bunch of New Agers doing a line dance around Stone Henge. These Native American Healing Traditions that are being revealed for the first time in history are phenomenal.
In his travels, William has observed that all of the natural healing traditions around the world contain the same concepts and basic Spiritual practices. It’s called the Truth. The truth is the same no matter where you go in the world. It makes sense. Read all of the good religious texts and they are all saying the same thing. Truth—it’s the same everywhere”.
Copied from Chapter 19, Rich Remedies, Volume 1 by Richard Tyson
For over 10 years, Two Feather trained in Native American Spiritual traditions with three Elders from three different tribes in the South-western United States.

William Two Feather has been sharing the ancient Native American healing traditions globally for over 15 years. His Great Grandmother was an herbal healer and her medicine has been passed on to him.

In the years that have followed he has given his time and talents to spreading these oral traditions in Europe, India, China, Australia, and other countries.

During these trips he has lectured, taught, and also learned Culture, Spirituality and Healing Techniques from many international Indigenous Elders in the countries he visited.
After a long and successful career, he is now transitioning from healer to author as he completes a series of books in which he shares his knowledge and experiences with the seekers. These books will be translated into 12 languages so that all peoples of the world will have the benefit of his wisdom.

Two Feather has made a commitment to be in service to “The People” and to follow the ways taught to him and following their directions with total dedication.

The Native American words went something like this:

“You will apprentice, then do as your were trained for ~ to be a Spiritual Advisor, become a Pipe Carrier and Sundance and do Healing Work. You will take these ways across the pond to share with other lands. Then you will train & teach. Then you will teach the teachers. Then you will write oral history so the knowledge doses not die with us, and take that to the world. Then you can do as you as you please.”

Two Feather, thank you for sharing this knowledge with the World.



Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Fawn on the Front Lawn

This fawn was born on our front lawn sometime early this morning. It's been lying motionless in the grass for hours awaiting the return of it's mother.

Amazing how self-sufficient animals are right from birth. Humans require at least 5 years to become moderately independent from their parents, and even then we are still very dependent.

Nature continues to amaze.