Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fire Ants- EM Treatment in my Garden

Fire Ants Have Taken Abode in My Garden in Austin, Texas.

They will be packing their ant bags and heading somewhere else soon.

I spray Effective Microrganisms on fire ant hillls.

They pack up and leave my yard every year. This is an Organic, Earth- friendly approach to eliminating anoying pests.

The EM kills the ants by consuming their food supply which is a fungus that the ants create in their nest to feed their larva. No fungus, no larva.

The EM doesn't kill them, it eliminates their ability to sustain the colony.

Ciao ants....


Sunday, February 22, 2009

FREE Book!

FREE Book Offer!
Here’s a link to a wonderful book Give to Live by Dr. Rick Barrett and Joe Vitale. And it’s FREE!:

I just finished reading the book and it is inspirational. Barrett and Vitale discuss the spiritual and financial rewards you receive when you donate your time and personal resources from the heart to those in need.
Giving of yourself to others is one of the less talked about ingredients in the self-development field associated with the popular “Law of Attraction” phenomenon. The authors demonstrate how giving may be the most powerful ingredient of all in helping attract the things that you want in your life.

Dr Barrett is a Houston- based Chiropractor who has conducted -----medical missions to Honduras and Mexico to remote, poverty-stricken villages that are in need of medical care as well as other resources. He uses his medical missions and the incalculable rewards he has received from his work as examples of the benefits we receive when we donate our time and resources to the needy.

Co-author, Joe Vitale is an author, marketing guru, actor, and speaker who has written of too many books to mention and is a recognized expert on the “Law of Attraction”. He stared in the hit movie “The Secret”. Joe authored Give to Live Part 2, The Greatest Money-Making Secret in History!, which is also part of this package. You actually get two books for free. Joe explains how giving attracts back to you what you want. It is a “manifestation engine”.

“It is one of the most beautiful compensations of this life that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

What relevance does this have to healing? Allot actually. The feeling you get when the exchange is made from the giver to the receiver is a physical/ chemical reaction when neuro peptides in your brain send healing energy coursing through your body. Spiritually you are uplifted and experience a state of euphoria which is stress-reducing and healing in and of itself. So giving is good, natural medicine.



PS- This is one FREE gift that is worth paying for… the hard cover version of the book on Some of the proceeds go to charity.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Contradictions and the Omega 6 Debate

Photo- Grape Seed Oil, an Omega 6 -rich lipid.

Myth- Omega 6 fatty acid consumption should be significantly reduced due to the presence of Arachidonic Acid (AA)which causes inflamation.

The truth is, according to Dr. Ed Kane,PhD, Arachidonic Acid causes inflamation and is an anti-inflamatory at the same time. It's presence in Omega 6 fatty acids does not render these healthy lipids harmful. The American Heart Association agrees with Dr. Kane and published a bulletin on January 26, 2009 supporting Omega 6's as part of a heart-healthy diet.

In my book, Rich Remedies, My Amazing Natural Self Healing Discoveries, Volume 1, I discuss the many contradictions that exist in all areas of life. The field of natural healing is full of contradictions and differences of opinion. The Omega 6 debate is an example.

Here is a small sampling of some common contradictions/ differences of opinion:

>Multi vitamins are good for you. There are many resaerch studies that support the opinion that naturally dervied, bio-available multivitamins are good for you. Contradiction: This week there is a report that they have no nutritional value. Some camps claim that multivitamins are harmful to your health.

>Soy products are good for you, particularly because they contain isoflavones, compounds that reduce cholesterol. Contradiction: Soy products are bad for you because they contain a hormone similar to female estrogen that has negative impacts on your endocrine system. Soy also contains an enzyme that prevents the proper digestion/ assimilation of certain proteins. Finally, it is an allergen that taxes the immune system in some people.

This soy contradiction is particularly disheartening to this scribe as I have consumed large quantities of soy products such as tofu, soy milk, roasted soy beans, soy food additives, and many other “health” foods that contain soy.

There is a school of thought that says its still “OK” to eat soy as long as it is fermented like miso paste and tempe. These fermented soy products contain enzymes from the fermentation process that aid in digestion.

>Organic pasteurized cow’s milk is good for you. Contradiction: Pasteurized milk of any kind bad for you because the useful enzymes that help your body digest the milk are killed-off when it is heated for pasteurization. Raw, unpasteurized milk (which is nearly impossible to obtain) is the only milk suitable for human consumption because it contains the enzymes we need to properly digest it.
Some argue that humans are the only animals that consume another species' milk making us odd balls. If your lactose intollerant, as many of us are, it makes sense to avoid all dairy products.

>Sunshine is good for you as it helps the body produce the hormone calcitrol aka vitamin D3, an anti-cancer agent and crucial compound in the assimilation of the body’s most prevalent mineral- calcium.
Contradiction: People should avoid un-protected exposure the sun as it causes skin cancer.

The list of contradictions is endless. How do you know what to believe? (I agree with the recommendations to avoid soy and cow’s milk, and disagree with the multivitamin and sunshine warnings) I personally continue to consume soy and dairy in small quantities.

As Mark Twain would say:
“Damn lies and statistics”

We can extend this to say:
“Damn lies and predetermined, opinion- based medical research.”

If you start out with the objective of proving a certain point of view, chances are you can create a use case to suit your needs.

The latest contradiction to catch my attention is the Omega 6 fatty acid controversy which is the main subject of this blog. Omega 6 is found in safflower oil, canola oil, grape seed oil, sunflower oil, nuts, and other vegetable oils that were here-to-for recommended for heart-healthy diets.

Omega-6, and the similarly-named omega-3 fatty acids (found in fattier fish such as tuna, mackerel and salmon), are called polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA), and can have health benefits when consumed in the recommended amounts, especially when used to replace saturated fats or trans fats in the diet. Omega-6 and omega-3 PUFA play a crucial role in heart and brain function and in normal growth and development. PUFA are “essential” fats that your body needs but can’t produce, so you must get them from food.
The American Heart Association

Prior to reading numerous cautionary articles, I was under the impression that Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids, together, are both critical to key bodily functions. The attribute that these fatty acids exhibit is their beneficial anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation in the body has been linked to cardiovascular disease, cancer, lung disease, and just about any disease that you can name.

In Rich Remedies Volume 1, Chapter 4, I discuss my discovery and use of an Omega 6/ Omega 3 product in a 4:1 ratio called Phosphatidyl Choline (PC) that is produced by Body Bio, Inc. I was blown away by the miraculous healing case studies that I read regarding healing Lyme disease, Autism, MS, and other auto immune diseases. The properties of PC are well documented.The most significant aspect of PC is that it mirrors the 4:1 makeup of the cell wall, the protective barrier of your cells.

Since I wrote my short chapter on PC, I completed the liver cleanse using PC and another product called Butyrate () as well as organic safflower oil (high in Omega 6). The results of this cleanse were health-giving and very positive.

Some wind was taken out of my sails on Omega 6 when articles began to appear in the news about the health risks of consuming Omega 6. Two natural healing authorities that I respect, Russell Blaylock, MD and Joseph Mercola, MD, weighed in against the consumption of large quantities of Omega 6, especially through vegetable oils used in salad dressings and for cooking.

I am in the process of re-editing Rich Remedies, Volume 1 and re-issuing it in the spring of 2009 in hardcover form. As part of this effort, I felt compelled to place a cautionary note about Omega 6 fatty acid consumption (my good results aside).

Before I edited my book chapter, I wanted to get the opinion of one of the foremost experts in this field, Dr. Ed Kane, President, BodyBio. Ed is a PhD in biochemistry and an authority on nutrition. My liver cleanse ingredients were manufactured by Ed’s company BodyBio and the protocol for the treatment was authored by Ed’s wife Patricia, who has a PhD in nutrition and is licensing her incredible healing protocols globally. This couple are on the leading edge of healing. I’ve experienced it.

Here are snippets of some of the references Ed sent me:

Excerpted from BodyBio Bulletin #3 The 4:1 Oil --- The Right Stuff
--- is a lipid, no longer a fat, called Arachidonic Acid (AA), found in eggs, meat and dairy, which suffers the same harsh treatment as cholesterol but it’s been receiving its bad rap for a much longer time. The attack on arachidonic acid and the omega 6 family, principally linoleic acid (LA), has been going on for decades. While AA may be right behind cholesterol; the homeostatic importance of AA is on an even higher metabolic plane than cholesterol. The trumped-up case of labeling AA as “Bad-Guy #2” is for its role in initiating inflammation --- which it does --- but saying that alone is a one-sided statement, because it is also anti-inflammatory --- which no one mentions. There is, however, a large body of research showing the reverse --- that AA and its derivatives are also anti-inflammatory.

This BodyBio Bulletin # 3 by Ed Kane explains in technical detail the role of Omega 6 fatty acids and their beneficial effects to our health.
The bottom line folks-
Be vigilant in checking the story behind the story and double check your sources.

I’m going to the pantry to snack on some Omega 6 snacks right now.



PS- Contradictions proliferate. Do what works for you.

PS PS- Everything in moderation, including moderation.

This information is provided for informational purposes and not intended to treat any illness. Consult your physician for medical advice.

Friday, February 6, 2009

A Feng Shui Tip from Russia - It's a Dog y Dog World

You learn something new every day.

Yesterday I learned that in some circles in Russia they design their living quarters around cats and dogs.

The story goes that once the house plan is laid out and the foundation is built, the prospective owner takes a cat and a dog and places them in the area.

According to the story I was told, the cat seeks out the negative energy "vortex" area of the house as this energy is beneficial to it.

The dog on the other hand seeks a positive "vortex" area.

The Russian Dasha builder puts her bed where the dog curls up to sleep on the ground.



PS- Follow the dog, not the cat.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Getting Rid of the Bug

Last Thursday, I woke up with a sharp pain in my stomach and had an issue at the bottom end as well .... if you get my drift. Very uncomfortable.

The photo here is my personal fix, Check with your healing coach for yours.

Here's my protocol (in order of priority):

1. Probiotics
2.Flax seed
3.Combo of barley sprouts/ wheat grass/ spirulina/ chlorella powder
4.Diamotaceous Earth (Silica Dioxide)
5. Maca powder
6. Blue berry
7. Rice Milk


Better in 3 days



This is not a recommendation. It is my protocol for this particular isssue. Call your doctor first.

The Peace Project Foundation Blog

Here is a portion of the Winter 2009 News Letter from the Peace Project Foundation. I have agreed to write the blogs for this worthy cause during the coming months. I will discuss the reasons for joining the Peace Project next week. Until then.....


Can peace education create happy communities?

The latest in scientific research shows that we can share our collective intention for reducing violence and healing discord through city-wide collective prayer, meditation, and directed consciousness experiences that honor all paths and exclude no one. It is now possible to track and measure the effect of our collective efforts on conditions and events in our world.

YOU are on the cutting edge of a breakthrough moment in which technology joins with our collective heart’s desire for flourishing cities.
Intrigued by Eric Weiner’s book, The Geography of Bliss: One Grump’s Guide to the Happiest Places in the World, I wondered, “Have we forgotten how to be happy? Have we forgotten the way to peace? And what if rather than working so hard to make money all the time, we donated just four hours a month to make each other happy, centered and peaceful?” I found that the happiness and good health of a country are related, the better the health of its citizens, the higher the happiness quotient of the country. If we could put together a program of easy lessons that make people healthier and happier, wouldn’t they be more peaceful and more productive? What if every citizen around the world learned Peace Skills – a set of skills that would allow them to alleviate stress, improve health, and give them the capacity to deal with all that life brings in a peaceful, compassionate way? And so The Peace Project was born: a bold new program that provides peace education to the public for free! The Peace Project will reach out to communities around the globe and work through schools, large corporations, small businesses, faith-based organizations, and other non –profit organizations to provide a variety of collaborative events. The basic design of The Peace Project involves systematic education with participation by people from all faith traditions, spiritual practices, as well as those whose belief systems may be based on humanism and secular ethics or nature philosophy. Citizens of any Peace Project community will receive specialized training (at no charge) from The Peace Project staff in skills to enhance peaceful living such as HeartMath, EFT, Nonviolent Communication and Meditation and a host of others classes.

Dallas, Texas is our test case city. Education programs started in June of 2008. The Peace Project in Dallas involves formatting Peace Education Skills that can easily be passed from one person to another or one city to another. We are formatting The Peace Project in an easy guide book so the project can be set up any where in the world. Each event and part of The Peace Project require no money to operate – a group of devoted peace builder make everything happen.

To test the efficacy of The Peace Project, the citizens of Dallas will participate in a study to reduce crime and enhance peace in the metroplex using their new skills combined with the power of intentional consciousness, meditation, and/or prayer. Working with The Gandhi King Chavez Season for Peace and Nonviolence, The Peace Project Foundation is inviting Dallas civic leaders and surrounding municipalities to create sacred service partnerships for peace.

The collective intention study will be activated by participants through the lens of their particular sacred and ethical practice during a prescribed period of time over the course of several months. Researchers will collect and compare a variety of historical and real-time data, taking care to control for as many variable contributing factors as is realistic.

Prior studies have showed a reduction of more than 20% in violent crime as a result of the studied intervention, and are part of the archive providing scientific basis for the program, which includes over three decades of peer-reviewed, published studies conducted in cities around the world. The City of

Dallas will be included in the program at no cost by working with us to provide non-private emergency call center data and statistics so we can assess efficacy of the studied intervention.

The study’s conveners, the Association for Global New Thought and The Peace Project Foundation, are cultivating relationships with city officials, political representatives, and law enforcement agencies in order to obtain necessary measures of quality of life improvement (crime statistics, emergency call data, domestic violence reports, etc.). This will provide the study with the dynamic “quality of community” data necessary for analysis by world-renowned scientists, mathematicians, and criminologists.

In order to assess reduction in crime for the ongoing studies, our research team in biostatistics will evaluate 911 emergency call data (variations in volume and type of calls - no private data needed) to quantify crime reduction. Our team’s 10 month of Peace Skill Education will be celebrated at an interfaith celebration to take place April 4th 2009. Our scientific findings will be release with a journal of our program in the fall of 2009.

We sincerely hope that you will take the next step to assist this program and its possibilities, as we feel The Peace Project holds enormous promise for improving quality of life, creating social harmony, and creating a generational legacy of enhanced peace in our world.


Donna Collins
Executive Director
The Peace Project