Monday, October 26, 2009


I've been sampling the nutritional supplement pXp Forte polysaccharide X peptides (pictured above) for the past 3 weeks. No measurable improvements but the manufacturer recommends consistent, long term use to receive dramatic results.

I was handed a bottle of this "miracle" supplement on my way out the door at CEO Space earlier this month. The person who sold me the pXp heard that I have an interest in cutting edge healing produsts.She told me that she had remedied a crippling neurological condition with steady use of the pXp supplement.

"Alfa PXP contains BioReady Nutrients (BRNs) from organically-grown rice that directly feed the part of the cell (mitochondria) that produces ATP*(cellular energy). These BRNs come in the form of complex polysaccharides that are bound to specific polypeptides through a scientific process using mechanical hydrolysis and hydro-thermal technology. The BRNs in Alfa PXP are in a concentrated form for better availability and absorption, thereby creating more cellular function through increased energy. Healthy cells create healthy people."

Here are some of the manufacturer's healing claims (not this author):

• Boost your immune system to fight illness and disease
• Get energy, vitality, mental clarity and focus
• Enhance circulation and brain function
• Target hormonal imbalances and poor sleep
• Fight depression, memory loss and dementia
• Decrease high blood pressure, elevated LDL and triglycerides
• Balance blood sugar levels and improve digestion

The research that I have read sounds pretty compelling. There are so many great products available today, it's hard to decide which ones to stock in the cuboard. pXp looks promising. The jury is in session......



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RUTH said...

I am a distributor for Enzacta, and I have been taking this product for 2 years. I have felt so much better since I've taken this product. I have a client who has bought the product 3 times; he had a heart attack that left him with decreased visibility in one eye. He required injections to be able to see and due to a decrease in his insurance coverage they stopped injecting him, but because he was taking PXP he was able to see again. Also he feels it has improved his legs and arms. This is just one example of PXP. He has only been taking PXP for 2 months! This is just one of many testimonials from this product.

If you have any questions you can email me, my name is Ruth, and my email is: