Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Safe Breast Screening

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Here is a handy tip:

If you are a woman and are considering a breast cancer screening, consider Thermography as discussed by my friend Dr. Patrick Price:

"Digital infra-red thermal imaging (DITI) is a screening process that detects differences in heat given off by the body through precise measurements of infrared frequency wavelengths. Known as thermography, this process gained FDA approval in 1982 and has become increasingly more accurate and useful through technological advancements. "Useful for what?" you might ask.

"Thermography has many advantages over other screening processes. First, it is non-invasive. No radiation or dyes are put into the body. Secondly, it's painless. Nothing ever touches you and there is no compression of the breasts which is good news to women for several reasons. Perhaps most importantly, thermography detects a physiological or functional process rather than an anatomical process. Instead of focusing on organs or tissue, it focuses on processes occurring in the body that are causing temperature changes, as a result it may pick up high risk areas long before they become anatomical. What this means is that we may be able to practice prevention rather than just detection. By learning of an area of thermal abnormality, attention can be given toward possibly reversing those risk-associated changes. "

Dr Patrick Price, Houston, Texas



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