Monday, November 2, 2009

Equine Healing & Horse Training - Janice Terra

Yesterday I posted the blog above on the Global Peace Project website on the exraordinary work that my friend Janice Terra does with horses. A few people contacted me and asked for more information on what Janice does so I am posting her biography here:


Janice has worked with riders and horses for more than thirty years. As an international trainer and author, Janice has lectured to the management team at NASA, the Houston Police Dept. Mounted Division, the Albuquerque Police Dept., Mounted Patrol, Corporate management, and more.

Janice has worked in the equine industry in a number of capacities, including; riding instructor, trainer, breeder, stable manager, feed store owner, horse show manager, open show judge, horse show announcer, columnist, consultant, and has been retained as an expert in her field to give testimony in a court of law.

She has trained national champions in both English and Western disciplines. She has conducted seminars and empowerment workshops throughout the U.S., and on more than one occasion brought her enlightened horse whispering techniques to Europe, where they always request her return.

She has an uncanny knack for rehabilitation of horse and rider on both a physical and emotional level. She has developed techniques for humans that have proven to be quite successful in dealing with situations as varied as cancer, ADD, autism, anger management, speech therapy, childhood development, etc., etc.. On more than one occasion she has turned horses viewed as “unsalvageable” into show ring champions.

As a horse whisperer she has saved many a horse from the fate of “dog food”, and turned their lives in a positive direction. She is able to fix many “problems” in minutes, versus the typical “months”. She is one of the few that has actually worked with true wild horses, and elicited positive results from them, without the use of ropes or restraints

If you know anyone who can use an extraordinary horse trainer, contact Janice.



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